A home improvement blog should be one of the first strategies to be considered to increase your business’s online visibility. Your home improvement business can generate more traffic from the search engines by creating an SEO optimised blog that offers useful information to your prospects.

The goals of home improvement SEO

Before working with our clients, we usually like them to have a predefined goal about their online marketing endeavours. Very often, our home improvement clients usually set goals such as:

  • To get my website show in #1 position on google for a set of keywords.
  • To show up higher than my competitors
  • Get x number of visits per month from the search engines.
  • Increase the number of organic visits by a certain percentage.

One sad truth about home improvement contractors

Until recently, home improvement contractors did not factor in search engine optimization and professional website as way of generating more leads.

In addition to effective lead generation strategies that have been tried and tested such as print media, TV adverts and direct mailing; home improvement contractors are now seeking the help of SEO professionals, as a way to getting more visibility and business enquiries.

From our analysis of the online presence within the industry, we found that home improvement companies can be divided into two separate groups;

1) The first group has developed an online presence that serves as a way to lead acquisition by driving consistent traffic to their websites

2) The second group did not have any actionable strategy to drive traffic and generate leads.

We have worked with clients who are now generating more than 60% of their business sales from their online marketing media.

At the present age, the internet presents the biggest opportunity for home improvement companies to consistently acquire business leads and increase revenue that will eventually lead to the growth of their business.

However, reaching that goal requires a consistent investment in human and financial resources to build an online presence. From our experience, we know that many business owners will like to see immediate results, but they get discouraged when they realise that SEO goals are achieved on the long term and not immediately.

The best way to implement SEO for home improvement businesses

Right from start, it is imperative that it is made clear that SEO requires hard work in contrast to the rife notion that getting good organic search ranking is quite easy and can be achieved overnight. This perception is completely wrong.

Many times, our prospects tell us that they will like to rank at number one position in google search results. However, after taking a look at their websites, we realise that fundamental SEO components such as title, meta tags, sitemaps, headers tags among a host of others are completely missing or extremely flawed. In this case it is very difficult for to achieve the desired results by simply building trusted citations to their web site, so we advise them to work together with another agency too that specialises in on-site optimisation.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content refers to sentences or entire articles which already exists in other places on the website. This does not have any value for SEO at all, it is counterproductive. What works is creating original, well-researched, search engine optimized and engaging content.

The process requires the time of a proficient writer to create effective SEO optimised content. The copywriter can either be someone from the personnel that had proper training or an outsourced copywriter.

Setting up a blog

Part of the core strategies towards increasing organic search ranking that we recommend to home improvement clients is to start a blog on their website.  If a home improvement blog is properly implemented on a website, it tend to enhance the site in a number of ways:

  • It serves as a great way of adding fresh content to the website.
  • Every additional blog post will be seen by the search engines as an additional page.
  • By writing 4 blog posts in a month, there will be additional 48 pages at the end of the year. This is a great way of adding searchable content to your website.

In addition to improving the content of a website, a home improvement blog can also be syndicated with the company’s social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. This action will facilitate a wider reach for the content.

Targeting SEO keywords

The most important benefit of a website blog is that it allows the company to target specific keywords that they want to rank in the search engines. An effective blog post that will attract the attention of the search engines is required to have an optimal keyword density within the written content.

For instance, if you are reading this blog post, you must have searched for “Home improvement blogging or any other home improvement search optimization related keyword, and you found our w