Christmas is around the corner and the best way to improve the Christmas atmosphere is to improve the interior design. It comes to make your own DIY gifts and decorations that will look like a part of the home design and they will look like a part of the Christmas decoration. Next are few tips and ideas on how to make it:

1) There is nothing to beat a huge Christmas wreath when it comes to decoration of the house. If you like a Home decoration ideas for this Christmas3more authentic and cozier atmosphere – definitely a wreath with dry wooden sticks should be a great combination to the wall. There may be some dirt and wooden sticks fallen on the floor after the holidays, but there is nothing that the vacuum cleaning machine can’t handle.

2) Put decorative candlesticks on the tables. They may include a group of several Christmas candles with brilliant white and red colors, as well as simple mono-colored candles as a complimentary part of the twinkle lights. If your decorative candlesticks use artificial LED light – surround them with garlands to jazz up the atmosphere even more.

3) Make your own Christmas gift boxes. Although the usual gift boxes should contain gifts, you can just make big empty boxes and decorate them with colorful paper. Finish with colorful ribbons and attach the light gift boxes everywhere on the walls, on the window frames, etc.

4) Hanging balls from the ceiling, from the cabinets, from the shelves, etc. Use a reddish-white rubber band as a colorful piece of this decoration, as well as like a string for hanging the ball from a furniture. A great hint is to make this yet simple decoration out of old newspapers sheets for the inside of the ball if you have playful cats or dogs, because fine-quality and thorough cleaning a broken glass ball is not a pleasant thing around Christmas.

5) Another classical item is a Santa figure with reindeer, sled and a bag full of presents. According to the size of the sculpture – you can make it one of the most remarkable parts of the interior design, as well as real miniature that only the kids can spot.

6) Hang Christmas stockings near the fireplace or in a more extraordinary place – along the stairways. This is quite a typical and classical idea for Christmas decoration and that’s why it should be high in your list too.

7) Put tiny little Christmas trees all around the house. There is nothing to beat the combination if you place them right within the books in the library. Just choose Christmas trees from thin paper or cardboard sheets, as well as sprinkled with shiny brilliant particles.

8) Put decorative statues or miniatures of angels, as they play a major role in the legacy of this holiday. You can recreate a famous scene from the Christmas traditions by using angel statues. Or else, you can combine them with other figures and decorative elements like the candlesticks to improve the layout of the table.

9) Spread out pine-cones all around the house. Dot the living room and the guest room with pine-cones. Another great idea is to hang a pine-cone on the outer side of the front door. Your guests will definitely get a glimpse about the Christmas interior design. Use natural pine-cones from the woods, but first do some thorough cleaning via brush to wipe off dirt and dust. Soak the pine-cones in water with dish detergent and let them dry for a couple of hours to pop up their true dark wooden textures. This idea is not suitable if you have small kids or pets at home, because you may have to deal with heavy carpet cleaning after the holidays.


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