>Ambitious do-it-yourself enthusiasts may think they can tackle the odd bit of electrical work around the house, but this really is a job worth hiring an electrician for.

An electrician working on an electrical breaker panel.  Model is an actual electrician - all work is being performed according to industry codes and safety standards.

An electrician working on an electrical breaker panel. Model is an actual electrician – all work is being performed according to industry codes and safety standards.

Dodgy electrical work is a dangerous game and can be fatal if mistakes are made. Even if you’re a death-defying DIY-er attempting to sort out fixed electrical installations (e.g. fuse boxes) is illegal unless done by a qualified electrician.
What makes a qualified electrician?

He or she should be registered by a Government approved body, such as the Electrical Safety Council (NICEIC) or the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA). They will have a sound knowledge of the national safety standard and will be able to carry out work confidently and safely.
How much will it cost to hire an electrician?
It depends on the job you will require them for (for example rewiring your entire home will cost a lot more than most jobs!). Prices can vary all over Glasgow depending on the area you live in. It is advisable to ring around a few electricians in your local area in Glasgow and get a few different quotes. Typically though, an hour’s labour could cost from between £15-£25 and a call out fee (to have a look at the problem) could cost between £10-£30. An electrical inspection costs a great deal more, usually starting at around £100.
What work can I safely do myself?Electrical Jobs

In the name of saving money, there are a few simple things you can check before hiring an electrician.

  • Ceiling light doesn’t work: check if the bulb has blown and therefore needs replacing. If it does appear to have blown it will have a grey smoked appearance on the inside of the bulb. Simply replace the bulb and remember to turn the light switch to off before you do. If the bulb hasn’t blown then try another light on the same floor. You may have to look in the fuse box, open the cover and locate the circuit-breakers, they may have tripped (switched off) because of a blown light bulb, so simply switch it back on again and the light should work.
  • Socket-outlet doesn’t work: first of all, try plugging something else into the socket-outlet so you can eliminate faulty products from the list and be confident the fault definitely lies with the socket-outlet. If so, try a couple of other outlets as the whole circuit may be affected. If they don’t work either check the circuit breakers again (make sure you unplug everything first as a risky appliance will trip the breakers again). If this doesn’t work it is definitely time to hire an electrician!
    How do I choose an electrician?

    If it is not an emergency it is worth ringing around a few different local electricians in Glasgow to see which would fit best with your requirements. Always make sure that they are qualified, don’t be tempted by a bargain – it’s more important that they operate safely and won’t leave you with dangerous electrics. Avoid these so called ‘cowboys’ by going on word-of-mouth, friends and family are the best way to find a reputable electrician in your local area in Glasgow. Ask your friends and family if the work was done on time and within budget and also, if you have the time, ask the electrician for a portfolio or at least references. A decent electrician worth hiring should be happy to showcase his or her work, if not it may be better to find someone else.
    What specific questions should I ask the electrician?

  • Are you registered?
  • Are you fully insured?
  • How will the job be guaranteed?
  • Does the price include VAT?
  • Does the price cover the whole project? (i.e. all materials and labour)
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