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Hire a reputed pest controller in Edinburg to protect your family

mice-exterminatorA fight with mice infestation in the house is the worst nightmare you can even have. These small rodents can be found in every county of the world and in every type of terrain, including your home in Edinburg. They enter our houses, eat our food and are considered as one of the most troublesome pests in world. Mice infestation in the house is not only unpleasant but very dangerous for your health because these rodents contaminate food and food-preparation surfaces with their feces and urine. It is well known fact that mice feces contain salmonella, bacteria that causes food poisoning, but also variety of other bacteria, viruses and diseases. If you have them, make sure to contact reliable pest control services from Edinburg.

How to know if your house is under mice attack?

Mice are nocturnal animals. That means they like to sleep during the day and get active during night. If you can hear strange scratching noises when you go to bed, it is likely that mice are awake and ready to chew everything that comes on their way. When a house is infested people often find chewed up things like wires, books and cables. But mice aren’t eating these items. Female mouse is carrying it to build the nest. What they do want to eat is your food, especially fruit, seeds and grains. So if you can find small holes in fruit that is a sure sign of mice infestation.

Sometimes you think it is not that big deal, it is just one or two mice in my home, it will be easy to get rid of them, but problem can easily escalate and you’ll find yourself in big trouble. Mice can have a new litter of babies every three weeks, so you’ll want to get rid of them quickly and efficiently. Hiring a mice exterminator in Edinburg is the safest way to do it.

How to get rid of mice in house?

There are plenty of different solutions on how to get rid of these frustrating pests. If you’re a natural cat lover, mice infestation in the house can be a great reason to adopt one lovely furry pet because cats as well as birds, foxes and even dogs are their natural predators. But best option would be to hire a reputed pest controller to protect you and your family. You can find excellent, reliable and effective pest control services in Edinburg.

Effective mouse eradication first involves reductions techniques that include trapping and poisoning. Edinburg pest exterminator will check your home and find all possible ways of entry mice can use.

Reduction techniques

pest-control-methodsTapping & Poisoning

Reduction techniques include trapping and poisoning. Professional pest control services in Edinburg will use appropriate traps that really work. They don’t even have to kill the mouse because they can use humane traps. Basically, a mouse will be caught in the box, and then released at least 1 mile away from home.

Big advantage of trapping is that it is not poisons so if you have children or pets in your home, you won’t be in constant worry that you may jeopardize your family members.

If the mice infestation in your house has gone really bad you might try poison baits. It’s a really effective method. Most of baits cause death only after they are eaten for a number of days, although some types can cause death following a single feeding.


Insecticides that kill rodents are known as rodenticides. Those are pest control chemicals with purpose to kill rodents. Some are lethal after only one exposure and others require more than one usage. They are dangerous chemicals, so handle with care, or leave it to the pest controller in Edinburg. Unpleasant side effect can be the horrible smell of a dead animal that can persist for several weeks or even months, because rodents are likely to die in locations where they cannot be retrieved.

Whatever you decide to do, a mice infestation in the house is a great struggle. It’s a pest problem very hard to get rid of, best left to professional and reliable pest control services from Edinburg.

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