Tree surgery can help transform the look of your garden in just a few hours or matter of days – and luckily tree surgeons costs are are not very high in the UK.

tree removal costsIf you want to tidy up your garden and give the place a little lift but are worried about the cost of tree surgery and how much needs doing, fear not – because hiring a tree surgeon is actually a lot less hassle and a lot cheaper than you might think!

Many tree surgeons offer a variety of different gardening services charged via a pay-as-you-go model – so you only ever fork out for what you need (rather than paying a standard one-off fee). Plus tree arborists are fully qualified to tackle all those high-maintenance or daunting garden tasks that can’t be solved with a trowel and pair of shears – sometimes it takes the confidence, training and equipment to preserve or look after a damaged tree or hedgerow that ordinary home-owners simply don’t have to hand.

Tree Surgeon Costs – How Much Tree Removal Cost?

So how much does a tree surgeon cost? Well, we’ve collected the following tree surgeon prices to give you a basic idea of how much this kind of service might set you back.

Each type of tree surgery service is listed along with the different price plan available, as follows:

Tree Felling£200 – £400
Disposal of tree debris£50 – £150
Crown reduction and thinning£75 – £250
Garden clearance£200 per person per day / £40 per hour
Hedge trimming£40 per hour per person
Wood chipper hire£50 – £300 per day
Tree survey£150 for a basic survey

All prices do not include VAT

Remember, these tree surgeon costs are based on the lowest possible starting points available, and are just estimates; for more detailed and accurate information about tree surgery prices you should get in touch with as many different contractors as possible.

Tree Trimming Cost Factors

Size and Location

We all know that larger trees cost more to trim. They have more branches and may need extra equipment, based on their height. Trees that are near buildings or power lines need time and effort because crews can’t simply flip the branches down as they work. Instead, every trimmed piece must be “roped down.” In this procedure, a climber ties a rope around the branch that will be cut. Thereafter, the section of wood is lowered slowly to the ground. This procedure takes much longer than flipping down branches, resulting in a higher overall fee.

Number of Trees

The number of trees you need trimmed will also affect the overall cost of your tree trimming project. Ensure you include the number of trees and their types in your quote, so that you can decide based on a reasonable estimate. You don’t want to surprise the tree removal company when they come to your place by telling them that you have three trees that need trimming instead of one.


Trees that have endured trauma, like a lightning strike, are not as strong as healthy trees and can become unstable. Therefore, they may need more than a minor trim. For instance, an unstable tree might need to be supported with cables. While it may cost more for an arborist to trim and maintain a tree that has problems, the tree becomes safer and a lot healthier.

Diseases and Illnesses

There are myriad diseases and illnesses that can affect the health of your tree. Here are examples of those diseases can also increase the cost of trimming and maintenance:

  • Abiotic Damage — The main cause is usually strong winds, hail, cold or dry spells and can manifest in various manners. Dehydrated leaves and damaged limbs are the signs of abiotic damage.
  • Fungi/Mushrooms — Fungi destroy trees by weakening the structural firmness and draining trees of their vital nutrients.
  • Moist Crack — A moist crack in a tree trunk is a sign that the tree is in bad health and needs to be examined to verify if the tree is decaying internally.


There are many beneficial insects and animals that reside in trees. However, there are several pests that can damage and endanger your trees. Such infestations can make a tree ill, which can make it rot or develop fungus. Here are some common pests that can affect the health of your tree: 

  • Emerald ash borer —This insidious, wood-boring beetle is killing ash trees across the UK at a high rate, making it a severe danger.
  • Ants — If you notice ants on your tree, observe them, as this way you may find decaying or foothold damage.
  • Mites— Most mites are extremely difficult to see as they are very tiny. Mites have unbelievable suction abilities and can cause mostly discoloration of leaves and eventually leaf drop.
  • Shield-lice – It only becomes noticeable after it has formed a shield-like sport on the tree’s bark, which causes moisture. Shield-ice also attacks tree leaves. In extreme cases you might have to call an expert.
  • Woodpeckers — Woodpeckers can also cause damage to the tree trunk as usually they seek out homes in trees are that are already rotting. If you find out that a woodpecker has made his home in one of your trees, you should contact a tree surgeon or arborist right away.

Travelling Distance

When you hire a tree company, always keep in mind that the further away they are from you, the more they tend to charge for drive time.


Companies that are familiar with trimming and removing large trees have a bucket truck that enables them to reach the top of any tree. However, if the tree lacks sufficient space for the truck, the trimmer will need to climb to the top, resulting in a higher cost.

How to find a good tree surgeon

Ask friends and relatives for recommendations or the contact details of people they’ve used in the past, and don’t be afraid to conduct preliminary interviews with prospective employees – just to be sure you know what you’re getting and what you will be paying for.

Your final written quote should include:

  • Clear and comprehensive information about the work to be completed, with all the relevant details about how long it might take and what is included in the service.
  • What tree equipment the professional will provide and if there is any preparation you need to carry tree removal cost guideout yourself.
  • Whether or not the final projected cost includes VAT.
  • Whether or not waste disposal will be provided (and included in the cost)
  • A full and functional risk assessment plan, to ensure everyone’s safety during the tree surgery taking place.

Honest and reliable references

No matter how much a tree surgeon cost will set you back, many home-owners will testify to the lasting results of tree surgery and the benefits of hiring a tree surgeon to spruce up your garden for you.

After all, these tree experts have the skills, training and experience to look after plants and trees without causing any damage to surrounding plant-life – allowing you to continue growing everything you want and look after your existing garden with just a bit of extra help!

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