Roof repair and replacement is a very common in the UK. However, as roofs come in many different sizes and shapes and are built using different materials, roofing costs can vary significantly and the price of a new roof or roof repair costs can change or increase dramatically.

What are benefits of re-roofing (retiling)?

A roof is one of the most important components of a house and given how inclined they are to natural deprecations, maintenance becomes absolutely necessary to protect them and make our home feel more secure. More ever, as roof structures tend to wear it out faster, re-roofing or roof restoration is aways necessary, in order to protect the property itself and increase its value.
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What is re-roofing?

Re roofing is basically tearing down the current roof to install an entirely new one.  Generally re-roofing is done when the damage of the current roof is too severe to be repaired and the cost of repairing it too high. Replacing a roof can be expensive, especially if the roof’s support structure also needs to be replaced.

What is roof restoration?

A roof restoration is preferred in situations where the damage is not as severe to beyond repair, in order to enhance and improve the appearance of rooftop and also to deal with the damages that might have occurred. Like re-roofing the roof is not entirely torn down in roof restoration but it is thoroughly checked for damages which are then repaired to guarantee its safety.

After the roof restoration has been completed

After repairing the damage the next step to is repaint and then coat it with another layer of colour as this gives the roof a new and fresh look. The primary target is to make the roof secure is attained and giving a fresh new look to the otherwise damaged and degrading roof.

When should i replace my roof?

Sometimes your roof’s condition might be that bad that persistent leaks cannot be solved by a simple patchwork or tile replacement job. When this is the case, it might be necessary to have your roof replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damages.

Replacing your roof is not an easy job and it may actually sound daunting, but it is probably the only way to deal with this situation effectively. Roof replacement is not always more expensive than roof repairs because extensive repairs could easily add up to the cost of roof replacement, especially if you are doing constant repairs on an old roof.

How Much to Reroof a House?

The cost of re-roofing a house will vary depending on a number of factors including:

  • the professional roofer you hire,
  • the size of your roof,
  • the quality of the materials you will use and
  • whether or not you are altering the style of your current roof.

A piece of advice: Here we should point out that you should know that costs for replacing a large slate tiles roof are bigger than replacing a small flat garage roof with felt. The cost of re-roofing a terraced house and the cost of re-roofing a bungalow, as well as how much it is to re-roof a semi-detached roof are all common re-roofing needs. Following there is a list with average reroofing costs which is taking in consideration the type of house and the size of roof:

Roof Repair Prices

Roof JobParticularsPrice VariationCommon Quoted Price
Leaking roof  repair on a 2-bed bungalowThis depends on the severity of the leak. However, in most cases, approximately 6 roofing tiles are used and it should be a fairly quick fix.£80 – £190£120
Repair leaking roof on 3-bed, semi-detached house with 2 storeysAgain, the severity of the leak is a factor. However, generally 6 roofing tiles are used and it won’t be more than a morning’s work.£90 – £200£150
Replace lead chimney flashingThis should be a relatively simple job for any professional roofer. It will usually be completed within one day.£300 – £450£340
Install flat roof on average single garageFlat roof installation on a single garage using rubber membrane.£840 to £1150£900
Install flat roof on conservatoryA job to erect a new flat roof on a conservatory that measures roughly 3m by 3m.£850 – £1150£1000
Replace soffits and fascias on an average 3-bed detached bungalowThis job usually involves taking off the old wooden soffits and fascias and replacing them with uPVC equivalents. Labour and parts are included in the cost.£1250 -£2225£1900
Replace soffits and fascias on an average 3-bed detached house with 2 storeysAgain, this job consists of taking off the wooden soffits and fascias and putting in new uPVC versions. Labour and parts are included in the price, as well as scaffolding.£1625-  £3000£2425
Renovate entire roof on a 2-bed bungalow using plain tilesRoof renovation consisting of stripping all the old tiles from the roof and replacing them with new, plain tiles. Prices are to include all labour and scaffolding costs.£3850 – £5875£4500
Renovate entire roof on a three-bed, semi-detached, two-storey house – plain tilesThe removal of all old tiles from the roof and replacing them with plain, new tiles. Prices include the costs of materials and labour.£4500 – £7000£5600
Renovate entire roof on a 4-bed, detached, 2-storey house with plain tilesThe removal of all old tiles from the roof and replacing them with plain, new tiles. Prices include the costs of materials and labour.£5500 -£8750£6750
Renovate entire roof on a 2-bed bungalow using slateA job consisting of stripping all the old slate from the bungalow roof and replacing it with new slate. Prices are to include all labour and materials.£4000 -£6000£4800
Renovate entire roof on a 3-bed, semi-detached, 2-storey house using slateThis roof job consists of stripping of all old slate from the roof and replacing it with brand new slate. The price will include labour, materials and scaffolding.£5000 – £7500£6250
Renovate entire roof on a 4-bed, detached, 2-storey house using slateReplacement of all old slate from the roof with brand new slate. The price will include labour, materials and scaffolding.£6500 -£12000£8250
Fitting a roof ventFitting one or two simple roof vents. The prices include the labor + the cost of each roof vent, which comes to £30 each. Slate vents can take longer and therefore the cost increases. They usually require half a day of work.£250 – £500£250

The prices listed above include scaffolding, the stripping of external tiles, supply and fixing of a new underlay, any required lead work, ridging and verge work, and, of course, tiling. These roofing costs are only estimates and they may vary depending on your location and the size of the roofing company.

The cost to reroof a house may all look a bit much, however, you can always get in touch with your council, as you may be eligible for a grant from your Local Authority; especially if you are obliged to opt for a more expensive design in keeping with the neighborhood aesthetic. The council could also guide you towards the best roof replacement experts so you can cut on the cost of roofing and also inform you on whether or not a certain roofing alteration is worth the investment.

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Benefits of Re-Roofing : Why should I reroof my house?

There are many reasons that homeowners should choose to reroof their house. The most common reasons are:

  • Bad roof condition or damaged roof from the weather.
  • Roof begun to deteriorate due mostly to typical wear and tear.
  • Selling your home.
  • Re-roofing costs can be cheaper than constant roofing repairs.
  • Saving Money on constant roof repairs.
  • Modern roofs are more secure than the old ones and help keep criminals away.

Benefits of retiling old roofs

old-roof-tilesTaking in consideration the following factors will significantly contribute to forming a better decision when it comes to retiling your roof.

When it comes to selling you home, having a new roof can significantly increase the value of your property and put your home into a new level and make it stand out from many other properties within the same price range.

Re-tiling increases the value of the property

No one wants to buy a house and end up after a year or two spending thousands of pounds to install a new roof. Re-tilling is much easier and more cost effective and the cost of replacing your roof tiles could be calculated in your home’s sales price which will result in a free roof repair at the end of the deal.

How much it is to tile a roof will depend on the type of tiles that you are interested in, the size of your home and the part of your home that you want to have retiled. The roof restoring agency that you decide on can make a great difference in how much it costs to replace your roof tiles since some of them have far better fees than others.

A new roof is great investment that always pays off!

Re-roofing will help raise your selling price and sell your house faster. According to ThisIsMoney a well-constructed roof  has a 63% ROI. For people living in high rain areas, it is very important to realise that a damaged roof can cause many problems because of loose tiles and holes in the roof. The sooner they deal with these problems the more money they are going to save and the better your home will look and feel.

The cost of replacing a roof is nothing compared to the ease of mind that you will experience when your roof is in good order.  Your home’s roof  helps protect you and your family and all the valuable equipment that you have spent years paying off.

A well-maintained roof can save you a lot of money on repairs that could result from a sudden storm in the neighbourhood that could leave your home submerged during heavy rains. It is much better to get your roof repaired or replaced before it gets too damaged.

How Much For A New Roof?

The average cost of new roof comes to around £5,000

When a roof’s condition forces you to consider replacing it, you first question is likely: what’s the cost of a new roof? Reroofing your house can be a daunting home improvement project, but by following a few guidelines and a good idea of what to expect, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

It’s important to keep in mind that it is incredibly difficult to give accurate general estimates for the cost of a new roof, because no two roofs are like. It is like asking, what’s the price of a house? There are many factors that go into determining the price of a house, as well as new roof prices. A roofing structure can vary based on the materials used, as well as height, roof pitch, location, accessibility, size, scaffolding requirements, and potentially other factors as well.

You should contact a roofing professional to get a quote based on your roofing requirements.

New Roof Cost Breakdown

This breakdown will cover simple “gable style” (up and over) roofs. The price is determined by:

  • Cost of materials: This could include roof tiles, ridge tiles, batons, felt, fixings, sand/cement, cement undercloak and more. A generally starting point is £1200.
  • Scaffolding costs: £900.
  • Waste/skip hire costs: £184 for a 6 yard skip and £216 for an 8 yard skip.
  • Labour costs: This is variable and will depend on where you are located. A good rough starting point is £250/day for both a roofer and labourer.
  • Company profits: This will be rolled into the total price and can cover things like insurance for the workers, sick pay, administrative costs, advertising, vehicles, etc. This cost is likely around £300/day.
  • Optional extras: This cost would encompass anything that could be replaced, but when push comes to shove doesn’t need to be. This can include replacing pipe sleeves and other leadwork along with the roof tiles, repoint chimney, replace fascia, soffits, and rainwater guttering, installing roof tile vents or rigid eaves felt, and replace soil pipe sleeves. Depending upon the amount of extra work done, this figure could reach into several thousand pounds.

Some of these figures can be offset, especially on the materials side. If you have a slate roof that’s generally in good repair, a large portion of the tiles might be able to be reused and reduce the overall cost to reroof your house.

Factors That Can Increase New Roof Prices

Naturally, a larger or more complex roof design will increase the complexity and therefore the cost of the project, but this is hardly something that can be avoided. Bellow you can see the most important factors that can increase the cost of a new roof.

  • Materials
  • Size of tiles (smaller tiles take more tile to install and therefore increase labour fees)
  • Type of tiles (natural slate tiles cost significantly more)

The benefits of using professional reroofing services

The role and position of the roof makes it a very sensitive component of the house. As such, it is important that you give the job to a qualified roofing contractor to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Having a roofing expert to inspect your roof regularly and to do minor repairs can help prevent further damages and also save you a lot of money. Furthermore, despite the fact that the cost of doing a lot of minor roof repairs on a constant basis could easily add up to the cost of a new roof, it is still a great investment that increases the value of a property.

If you need to find out more about the cost of reroofing, take a look at the table above to get an understanding of the average re-roofing prices. If you are wondering how much it costs to retile a roof, it is best to contact local roofing companies to ensure you are getting the most accurate estimates.

An architect can also provide you with a good estimation on roof replacement costs, especially if you are worried about damaging the natural structure of your home when the roof replacement is taking place.

The following video will help you get a better understanding of how to estimate the cost of reroofing or retiling.


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