Whether you need extra security or an easier way to communicate with people both inside and outside of your home, installing an intercom system could be the answer.

An intercom system allows you to answer the door easily and confirm the identity of all visitors, for your security, at the touch of a button. And with developing technology, video intercom systems can be installed along with multi-intercom systems so you can communicate from room to room. The system you choose is entirely dependent upon your needs, but you can be sure to find one which suits you in Bristol.

An intercom system can provide security and convenience

An intercom system can provide
security and convenience

Advantages of installing an intercom system in Bristol

Intercom systems have many advantages and can make home life generally easier and safer. Some advantages are as follows:

  • Ease of communication within the home – an intercom system can allow you to communicate with family members in different areas of the property; ideal if you have a large home.
  • Security – knowing who is at the door before answering will improve your home safety and security.
  • Monitoring functions – an intercom system can make it easier to keep an eye on elderly relatives or children whilst you are in a different part of the house.
  • Intercoms can provide convenience – the door can be unlocked remotely with an intercom system, which is especially useful if you live in a flat.

Installing an intercom system in Bristol

Before installing an intercom system, you must first decide upon which system you want. There are basically two types of system, wired and wireless. Wired systems are better installed in a new construction due to the wiring required (and in this respect you should contact a professional and registered electrician). So usually wireless intercom devices are the popular choice although you may encounter problems such as ‘black spots’ where reception is not received or interference occurs. In addition to this you need to decide upon the sophistication of the system you need, for example whether you want intercoms in every room, or if you want video camera/screens. You should review various outlets and local intercom services in Bristol to decide upon the system you need.

To install the system it is best to contact a professional electrician and a home security expert to set up the intercom and complete the wiring. There are many intercom specialists in Bristol, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem – just make sure you get at least three quotes for the work to get a good overview of costs.

The cost of installing an intercom system in Bristol

The cost of installing an intercom system in your Bristol property will vary depending upon which system you choose and where you buy it from. For example, a simple two way system can cost around £25 and a simple wireless system £65. However, for a more elaborate five way system you could spend around £240, and if you want a system with video screens, this could cost £300 or more. Remember to include in this the labour charges of a professional, so be aware of exactly what you need for your home to avoid any unnecessary costs.

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