If you are interested in building a new conservatory and you are worried about the cost, the following price guide will help you understand how much a conservatory is and what types and sizes there are.


UK conservatory prices

Conservatory prices can range between £6,000 to £20,000. However, providing an average price for a conservatory across the UK, would not be accurate at all as there are many different factors that have to be taken into consideration such as size, materials, design, shape, installer and also you location.

Conservatory Design & Cost Considerations

The fist step before estimating the cost of a new conservatory is to determine its style and purpose.

The design specifications of a conservatory will affect the cost of a conservatory greatly. The cost increases depending on the size, style, build and type of materials that will be used.

Always, know what you are after and plan your budget accordingly. The cost of a small conservatory is different from this of bespoke one. The usage of newly created space can have many different functions such as a playroom, an office or even an extra lounge.

Conservatory Building Costs

Conservatory prices depend on how much it costs to construct the conservatory base. Bellow you can see the typical rates for base, dwarf walls and building works.

Job TypeWhat is includedAverage cost per m2
Conservatory Concrete BaseConcrete base 150mm thick, brick faced with damp proof membrane.£95
Conservatory Cavity BrickworkInner and outer leaf of brickwork£125
Conservatory Build-up SurchargeAdd extra £15 per m2 for a concrete base for every 100 mm over and above 200 mm of build up.£15
Conservatory Single Skin Brick WorkSingle layer of brickwork (external or internal).£90

Wooden conservatory prices

A wooden conservatory will cost between £20,000 and £60,000 depending on which type of wood you choose and the size and style of the conservatory. Wooden conservatory prices can also vary greatly depending on the supplier, so be weary and do proper market research to find a supplier with good rates.

wooden conservatories prices


Wooden conservatories are conservatories that have been built with a wooden structure. If you want a traditional look, you might want to opt for a wooden conservatory rather than an uPVC model. While it might look great, be aware that wood needs more maintenance than uPVC and will require regular weatherproofing to ensure it doesn’t rot or warp.

Wooden conservatories prices may vary greatly in areas that have wood scarcities. Hardwood conservatory prices can also be a lot higher than softer wood conservatories but are more durable and require fewer reparations.

To achieve a well finished look for a home that contains a lot of wooden frames and doors then the extra maintenance and wooden lean to conservatory costs might be worth it to maintain your home’s natural beauty.

Bellow you can see price estimates for Hardwood, oak and timber conservatories. 

Hardwood conservatory prices

Because of their more complex structure, hardwoods such as beech and elm provide increased stability and durability for most wooden conservatory models. Their high density level ensures they will last a long time, and the naturally occurring grain provides an authentic and environmental feel to the extension’s exterior. Hardwood conservatory prices generally fall somewhere between £12,000 to £28,000 for your average hardwood conservatory.

Oak conservatory prices

Oak is one of the most popular wood types used in conservatory construction, and because it is so widely and readily available it can usually be found for as little as £10,000 per extension. Oak is also, however, very strong and can be manufactured to be very bug and pest resistant while maintaining its polished veneer; oak conservatory prices for the most expensive type of oak can often reach as high as £100,000 for a new conservatory.

Timber conservatory prices

Engineered timber usually refers to the different types of wood cheaply available after the trees have been felled but before the wood has been treated in various factories or plants. This type of wood can often be picked up at a discount price because of it’s lack of a clean finish and generally rough exterior, but it is still a strong and sturdy option that can always be treated by you or your team at a lower price. The cost of a timber conservatory will vary depending on the type of wood, but prices usually start anywhere from £30,000 to £45,000.

The type of wood you choose, however, isn’t the only thing that will affect the price of your new conservatory; the size, style and quality of materials for your final conservatory design will affect the final pricing. According to timberconservatory.com, the final cost of a wooden conservatory might be anything from £20,000 to £60,000 – but for the most accurate figures for budgeting purposes you should obtain as many free quotes as possible from a variety of different conservatory contractors and retailers. That way you can be sure you’re getting the best deal available – whatever the type of wood you choose!

Orangery conservatory prices

orangery conservatoty pricesHistorically, an orangery was an ornate type of greenhouse; the term is now used to describe more elaborate, luxurious conservatories, which in turn usually cost more than ordinary conservatories:

  • A 2m x 4m orangery including all major features and fittings; including double glazing, hardwood doors, down-lights, flooring, VAT and installation will cost between £40,000 and £50,000

Orangery conservatories are more suitable for double glazing windows for added security to your home. The bricked walls also make this type of conservatory look more natural when it is added to your home.

uPVC conservatory prices

uPVC is the most popular conservatory upvc-conservatory-pricesmaterial nowadays because it’s cheaper than wood, as well as more durable. The uPVC is offering the minimal maintenance and a long-lasting opportunity from occasional cleaning. Read more about the benefits

Check out the average price for a conservatory made of uPVC:

  • A 3m x 3m lean-to,  uPVC conservatory with a flat roof costs around £6,500
  • A 3m x 3m Victorian or Edwardian uPVC conservatory will cost between £7,500 and £7,900

The above uPVC conservatory prices include the conservatory as well as installation, VAT and a 10 year guarantee. Costs can vary for different locations and for different conservatory installation companies.

uPVC conservatories look great in modern buildings and can function well as greenhouses. Adding a uPVC conservatory will increase your property value tremendously and is a great idea if you are trying to get your home sold a lot sooner.

P-shaped conservatory prices


A P-shaped conservatory is a great option if you are interested for larger spaces; however this type of lean to conversatory are usually higher and the construction might not be suitable for your existing home.. The cost for P-shaped conservatories usually varies between £20.000 and £25.000.

Aluminium conservatories prices

Aluminum is another material that is worth considering for conservatories as it is extremely strong and therefore good for supporting full length windows rather than dwarf ones. Aluminum won’t rot, warp, twist or rust, the only drawback is that aluminium conservatory prices can be 10% higher than other types of conservatories . Aluminum conservatories can also be painted any color so your home and yard can seem brighter.

Conservatory roof prices

You may need to replace your conservatory roof at some point down the line. Costs of replacing a conservatory roof are depending on used materials and roof style needed to replace, therefore these are some example prices:

  • A polycarbonate roof 3m x 1.9m in size will cost around £502

Low cost conservatories

The conservatories price can be quite expensive especially when you adding  extras like painting and decorating. Also buying conservatory furniture and adding ventilation or heating will increase the cost. However, it is possible to get a cheaper conservatory if you choose your materials and style wisely.

To cut back on lean to conservatory prices you need to do effective market research so you can find a supplier and construction company who will provide you with good quality materials at a lower cost and still do expert constructional work.

A standard, lean-to, uPVC conservatory will cost less, for example, than a large, wooden Edwardian conservatory. You can also make sure you pay less for your conservatory by choosing regular double glazing and simple doors, for example:

  • The cheapest 2.21m x 2.237m conservatory from Direct Conservatories4U costs £1,745

Creating a smaller conservatory might not be the best way to save money because construction costs and legalizing conservatories on house plans raises small conservatory prices a lot more than you might expect.

Small Conservatory costs

Expanding your home (but nothing fancy- double-story or large extension) a conservatory roof might be just the thing you’re looking for. A small conservatory in the range of 2500mm x 3500mm will likely cost between £2,000 and £3,000. Even the smallest of conservatories can improve your property value and is worth the investment and effort. Small conservatories are becoming more popular in smaller units because it is often the only way residents can enjoy sunlight in their homes.

Lean to conservatory prices


A lean to conservatory is usually installed with a basic floor plan of rectangular shape. These conservatories utilize the space well and maximize the sunlight entering the room. Compared to other types, lean to conservatory prices are low. Since there are a number of options available, the costs do vary. Let us take a deeper look at how lean to conservatory cost gets affected?


Lean to conservatory designs are flexible and feature many options; you can select any of these as per your desires. For the base, you have three main choices, which are dwarf walls, full glass models and raised uPVC panels. As for the roof, you can either opt for glass or polycarbonate. Glass allows more light to enter, but polycarbonate is a more affordable option.


A number of features are offered with a lean to conservatory to make it secure and prevent an intrusion. With every feature that you choose, prices will rise. The most common of these are internal beading on the glass, force resistant hinges, multi point locking system for the doors and shot locking mechanism for the windows. You can also opt for toughened glass.

Some installers offer a guarantee with lean to conservatories. This covers the installation value and deposit cost. Failure to comply to building policies must also be included.

How much does a lean to conservatory cost?

The cost of a lean-to conservatory will be largely determined by its size, but generally, you should expect to pay around £10,000 for an average sized version. However, it is possible to build a small lean-to conservatory for as little as £5,000.

Remember not to shy away when it comes to hiring a professional conservatory installer who will do the job properly and with quality materials. Make sure to compare quotes from three or more contractors in order to get a competitive price; always check references and insurance credentials before you hire.

How Much Does A Conservatory Size 3×3 Cost?

If you have ever tried purchasing a conservatory, it is very possible that you have gone back home inconclusive of how much a conservatory really costs due to the different prices you got from different sellers. Be rest assured that there are factors contributing to these price differences.

A complete build 3×3 conservatory can cost between £8,000 and £15,000. This rather massive variation is caused by a number of factors ranging from quality to abnormal site conditions to salesmen who only earn from commissions.

In search of a 3×3 conservatory? It is pertinent to know what questions to ask and where to get the valid answers from.

Your 3×3 Conservatory Options:

Firstly, you have to know what you really want. You might think you already do but think about your options.

  • Do you have an already existing conservatory that you want to replace or are you building from ground up?
  • Are you going to employ a conservatory specialist to oversee the project from start to finish or are you going to employ the services of your own builder?
  • Will you employ a fitter to complete the job or will you rather complete it yourself ?

Replacing an existing 3×3 Conservatory

This comes quite easy. You get to choose the kind of roofing material you want and the spots you want your windows.

The cost required to complete a 3×3 conservatory can be kept below £7,000 if you are replacing an existing one except you intend to add extra features that would increase the pleasure you will get from the conservatory.

If you are building from ground up, don’t be too quick to decide that it is a project you can handle by yourself until you have weighed in on the available facts.

At this point, the question, “How much does a 3×3 conservatory cost?” starts to take shape and demand more attention. .

The Cost of 3×3 Conservatory Base

The base work comes first. Observe the house wall that is meant to become the back of your conservatory closely because the presence of obstructions on this wall will definitely affect the cost of your conservatory.

You have to really think about things like garden taps, heating boiling vents, kitchen waste water pipes and rain water downpipes. Underground services, waste water inspection covers and tree roots should also be taken into consideration.

Take note that a 3m×3m Lean-To conservatory (inner measurement) must have a measurement of 3.6 metres as its external width to give room for a double skin wall when the space in your garden is being measured.

The Cost of  3×3 Conservatory Flooring

Working with a budget and trying to manage cost should not leave the insulation of your floor out of the project. It is inexpensive and would help keep your conservatory floor warm in winter. Be sure to have a properly insulated and a smooth concrete finished floor.

You need to have figured out a couple of things before the floor is finished to avoid mistakes that will affect the look of the conservatory. Decide on how many electrical outlets that you want and the cost that will be incurred if a screed finish is required.

3m x 3m Lean-To Conservatory

The kind of flooring you choose for the nine square meter 3×3 Lean-To conservatory floor always has an impact on the cost regardless of the not-very-large appearance the conservatory gives.

During winter, a wood floor tends to be quite attractive and gives warmth to the touch but the cost of buying and installing it is high.

Tiles are very beautiful and relaxing making summer time awesome but the emergence of winter tells a different tale.

Numerous natural floor coverings that look perfect for your conservatory and give warmth are available. Seagrass being the cheapest.

It definitely isn’t the toughest wearing but its price cannot break your account and laying it is quite easy. There is a wide variety of colours and textures that you can choose from.

The Cost of Conservatory Planning Permission

The question of whether a planning permission is needed to add a conservatory to one’s property, or not is often asked.

A planning permission is seldom needed to the relief of most of us.

The section of Government’s Planning Portal on Conservatory planning Permission has a couple of listed criteria that are considered met and the development permitted, when you add a conservatory to your home

Check Points:

But just to be on a safe side, the following questions have been generated . A planning permission will be required only if your answer is in the affirmative.

  • Have you added any extensions to your house previously?
  • Is the building listed?
  • Is the property in a conservation area?
  • Is the conservatory structure visible from a public road?
  • Do you have any existing restrictive agreements?

We have a couple of local companies who specialize in conservatory planning permission that is advised you get in touch with to help you plan permission costs.

Consulting with them will help you know the costs and procedures involved with the application for conservatory planning permission.

And if you still have further doubts and questions that you need to get clarity on as regards laws and regulations of planning permission, log on to the Governments Planning Portal Website .

Conservatory cleaning prices

conservatory-cleaning-pricesTo increase the longevity of your conservatory and make sure it looks great all year round, it’s important to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance; you’ll need to keep glass clean and remove moss from roofing and gutters, for example. It’s essential that you use the right cleaning products and take extreme care when attempting to clean a conservatory.

The maintenance on you glass panels should be taken in consideration when you calculate the cost of lean to conservatory. It’s safer and easier to hire a professional company to clean your conservatory roof, if you choose to do this, here’s a rough guide to what you can expect to pay for conservatory cleaning:

  • A full conservatory clean inside and out will cost  between £85 and £160, says Waterkings
    • A conservatory clean from Premier Cleaning Service will cost between £25 and £75

Now you’ve decided which conservatory you want to install, you’ll need to figure out how much it’ll cost to install. Although you should always consult local conservatory fitters for exact quotes, here’s a guide to conservatory installation costs from Check Your Price:

  • Conservatory foundations cost £120 per cubic metre to dig
  • Laying a base and damp proofing a conservatory will cost £100 per cubic metre
  • Building conservatory walls will cost £2 per metre
  • Installing windows in a conservatory costs £50 per frame
  • Fitting French doors costs £130 per set
  • Fitting a conservatory roof costs between £25 and £50 per square metre

If you’re confident in your DIY skills, you may want to install a conservatory yourself to save some money. DIY conservatory installation can be a good idea provided that you’re able to follow UK building regulations and are experienced in construction work. If you’re in any doubt, always hire a professional conservatory installation company. Here are some prices for conservatory materials from Trade Price Conservatories:

  • The materials for a lean-to conservatory with dwarf walls will cost between £2,039 and £3,018
 If you’re planning to install a conservatory yourself, it could also be a good idea to buy a conservatory kit, which includes all materials and instructions, for example: 
  • A three-sided uPVC Edwardian conservatory kit 3.130m in width, 3.119m in height and 3.060m in depth will cost £3,999 from Wickes. This kit includes toughened safety glass, a polycarbonate roof, French doors and a 10-year guarantee.
  • A uPVC lean-to conservatory kit 2.305m in height, 3.130m in width and 1.260m in depth with cost £2,939 from Wickes. This includes toughened, double glazed safety glass, a polycarbonate roof, French doors and a 10-year guarantee.
  • A Victorian conservatory kit 3.096m in height, 3.034m in width and 2,712m in depth will cost £3,469 from Wickes. This kit also includes a uPVC frame, polycarbonate roof, double glazed, toughened glass and French doors.

Of course, these prices are just estimates, and shouldn’t be relied upon except for preliminary budgeting plans; for more accurate DIY conservatory prices, you should contact a number of different retailers and manufacturers to compare product costs and find the best self-build conservatory prices for you.

Final DIY conservatories prices will depend on a variety of different factors, including the height and width of your chosen model, and how long you think the job will ultimately take; erecting a Victorian or Edwardian style conservatory by yourself will take significantly longer than installing an ordinary lean-to conservatory. Nevertheless, you are sure to save a large lump sum on labour costs, and can always haul in a couple of friends to help out if things get on top of you. Just remember – only those proficient in DIY and confident enough to scale a ladder and carry out this type of building work should engage in this type of DIY installation project.


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