Electrical work can be extremely dangerous and should only be carried out by qualified electricians. This doesn’t meant that it has to cost a fortune though –  find out how much you’ll need to pay for electrical work with our guide to electrician prices.


How Much do Electricians Charge?

Rates for electricians will vary depending on where in the country you live and the contractor. In general, you will either be charged an electrician hourly rate or a fixed price per job. Where possible, it’s better to hire someone who will quote per job, as hourly costs can spiral and there’s less incentive to get the job done.

  • According to WhatPrice, the average hourly rate for an electrician in the UK is £31  

By law, all electrical work needs to be carried out in accordance with Building Regulations Part P: Electrical Safety to reduce the risk of electrical fire and shock accidents.  So, it’s essential that you hire someone qualified to carry out electrical work – get advice on how to find a qualified electrician.

Electrician prices and completion times

Electical JobDetailsPrice rangeExpected time to complete job
Replace light fittingTurn off the power off, remove light bulb cover and bulbs, unscrew the screws or nuts, lower fixture base, remove electrical tape or wire nuts, re-Attach wires with wire nuts, raise and position new fixture.£40-£600.5-1 hour
Perform an electrical inspection reportA domestic electrical installation condition report, will reveal if any electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded and whether there are any potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards.£90 -£1804–8 hours
Consumer unit replacementInstallation of the distribution board, which feeds electricity via fuses to the different circuits in the house.£350-£5000.5-1 day
Electric shower installationDrill holes, feed the pipe and electric cable, connect inlet pipe, fix the cable to the unit, fit the cover and rail, screw the hose to the handset.£250-£4000.5-1 day
Install a light in loftSupply and fit a new light in a loft along with a switch outside the loft hatch.£80-£1502–3 hours
Old strip lighting replacement in the kitchen with LED downlightersThe electrician will remove the old strip lighting in the kitchen and install a brand new one with LED down lighters.£280 -£4005–8 hours
Outdoor power socket installationFit a new socket and wire the cables.£95 -£1251-3 hours
Replace standard light switch with a dimmer switchTurn off power, unscrew and remove switch plate, unscrew switch, remove wires from old switch, attach black wires, push new switch into the electrical box, and screw it on the switch plate, push the control knob.£45 -£700.5-1 hour
Fit an electric cookerThe installation of a new electric cooker requires its own circuit and also must be controller by its own fuse at the consumer unit.£45-£701 hour
Repair a damaged power cableDamaged power cables can be extremely dangerous and they always need either to be replaced or repaired.£40-£500.5-1 hour
Install an external security lightDrill a hole, connect cable cores, fix the light to your wall, attach a bracket to the box, pair each wire, attach the fixture to the box.£90-£1401 -3 hours (depending on distance of the light from the electrical supply ad the length of the cable that is required)
Install a double socketDouble socket supply and installation.£90 -£125 1-3 hours
 Fit a new light in a ceiling roseFitting a new light in a ceiling rose£90-£1401 – 2 hours

 Electrician Prices for Wiring and Rewiring Properties

  • The cost of rewiring a house will depend on the size of the property.  As a guide, WhatPrice say that the average cost of a full rewire in a three-bed home is £2,708
  • Wiring a new build three-bed house is slightly cheaper at around £2,447
  • Which? says that replacing wiring to a power point or light fitting will cost £53

Electrical Survey Cost

electrical survey costThe National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) recommends having your household electrics checked at least once every 10 years. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) will check that circuits aren’t overloaded and make sure that all electrical wiring and appliances are safe. EICRs were previously known as Periodic Inspection Reports and they should only be carried out by a qualified electrician.

  • The NICEIC says that prices for EICRs start at around £100 and are dependent on the size of the property

PAT Testing Prices

It’s also a good idea to carry out portal appliance testing (PAT) to make sure that your electrical equipment and appliances are safe to use. PAT testing prices usually depend on how many items you need to have tested. The cost of Portable Appliance Testing can vary between electricians but as a general rule estimate £1 – £2 per appliance for contacting a professional PAT testing company. Furthermore, if you’re in charge of a non-domestic property PAT is particularly important; under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 you must make sure that any electrical equipment is kept in a safe condition.

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