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GRANT Boilers Brand Profile

Grant oil boilers are being manufactured by Grant and have become popular among many householders and engineers. Grant has been designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of highly efficient boilers for over 30 years.

This Wiltshire-based boiler brand focusses on providing eco-friendly solutions due to the increasing costs of energy as well as carbon dioxide emission. Among the many boilers produced by Grant two of the most flexible are the Vortex Eco and the Vortex Pro.

The vortex pro combination boilers come with 3 heat outputs and can serve small to medium homes. They are also available as indoors and outdoors units. The vortex Pro range of kitchen/utility and external module is available in 9 different heat outputs and can serve homes of all sizes.

Grant Ultra High Efficiency Vortex Eco Boilers

Though the Vortex Eco boilers are heat-only boilers, they can be converted to system boilers using a Grant conversion kit. The two boilers in the range are the wall hung and the floor standing that come in 3 heat outputs and have the capacity to cater for small to large homes. They can also be installed indoors or outdoors. The Grant Ultra high efficiency Vortex condensing range has been in the market for over 10 years and now has over 39 different models with output ranging from 112- 70 kw.

Grant condensing oil boilers need to be commissioned just before the installation takes place as this will ensure that they are working at maximum efficiency and that they will cover the installation cost in the long term. Grant Vortex condensing boilers are also easy to service and maintain.

Installation and warranty

The installation of Grant oil boilers must follow the current building regulations and manufacturer’s instructions. Technical information on the installation of the boiler can be found in the installation manual that comes with every boiler.

All Grant Vortex condensing boilers come with a five years guarantee for the heat exchangers and two years guarantee for the rest of the components.

Grants repairs and parts

Grant Engineering Limited will arrange for a boiler repair immediately after being contacted provided that following terms and conditions apply:

The boiler has been installed and commissioned by Grant and that the fault is not due to tampering or the boiler running out of oil. However, warranty does not apply when the fault is due to freezing or failure of any external component not supplied by Grant.

Grant boilers could be contacted via the following information:

Contact Grant service department:  01380 736920

Write to Grant at:

Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd.
Hopton House, Hopton Industrial Estate,
Devizes, Wiltshire.
SN10 2EU


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