Another respectable boiler brand is Glow Worm. This British boiler brand is known to be simple, reliable and easy to use. With over 75 years of experience in the heating business, it provides its customers with boilers that can be fitted almost anywhere. Glow worm is committed to providing exceptional durable and top quality products. Among the several ranges of gas combi boilers that glow worm offer is the Flexicom cxi boilers. The Flexicom range is a high energy efficient. It is flexible, compact and easy to install. It can even be installed in the smallest space. It is A-rated for its energy and it is the first condensing boiler in the market with an option of rare flue.

In addition Glow worm offers other gas combi boiler such as; Glow worm ultra com easicom boilers, Glow worm betacom and cxi boilers.

Glow worm also provides open vent flexicom hx boilers and Ultracom hxi, the Ultracom and flexicom sx system boilers and Ultrapower sxi system store boilers. One feature of the ultimate range is the 5 years warranty that it comes with.


Glow worm like many other boiler brands offers warranty for their products. The period of warranty depends on the type of the boiler. To qualify for the warranty, fill in and return the warranty form or fill in the warranty form on line.

Glow worm also offers an extended warranty package of between 3 – 5 years. You don’t have to worry about repairs because Glow worm have a team of about 200 Gas safe registered service engineers.

You can contact glow worm through the following details;

Glow-worm extended warranties: 01773 824639

Your Boiler breakdown cover has three available levels of coverage from Glow-worm.

For boiler breakdown cover call: 0800 032 7340

For glow-worm spare parts call: 01773 596020

You can contact Glow-worm by sending a mail to:

Nottingham Road,
Belper, Derbyshire.
DE56 1JT

Or contact Glow worm via their website (

Glow-worm customer service:  01773 828 100

Glow-worm technical enquiries:  01773 828 300

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