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Get rid of the mice in your home

mice-trapsIf you name Birmingham as the United Kingdom rat capital, you will not make a mistake. According to the British Pest Control Association, Birmingham had almost 15,000 call outs for rats during a one year time. It is definitely at the top of the table with the highest number of rat exterminations.

What is actually a mice infestation and how to get rid of mice in the house? Well, we'll try to help you out, but you should consider contacting Birmingham pest control services.

Before engaging in any kind of extermination or control methods, you will need to properly identify the pest population. If you're hearing noises within the walls, it's most likely to be related to a mouse infestation. Although insects are making similar noises too, but then again, insects would require different solutions.

Control and eliminate the pest

If mice have invaded your home, it is time to control and eliminate them. Prepare yourself, because removal, even ones done by qualified pest control companies in Birmingham, take lots of actions and caution measures.

First of all, you should identify and eliminate entry and feeding points, all possible ones. Food should be kept in glass jars or metal containers, while countertops, sinks and kitchen floors must be kept clean all the time.

How to seal all possible entry points? Do it with concrete or steel. And don't let any of the cracks, holes or crevices open. Small holes, even those as big as a box of matches are big enough for mice to get in. That's why you will need to seal any open areas around water pipes, gas lines or dryer vents.

Extermination techniques

There is a variety of home extermination techniques, from simple traps to well-planned baits. If you are considering catching a mouse with a trap, you need to be aware that a trap can be dangerous for you, your family and even your pets, if it is not placed properly. So, if you want it to be effective, place it right, no matter is it a snap trap or the one with glue included. Those live traps require you to get rid of captured rodents.

Another way of dealing with mice infestation is to use baits. But, as much as traps can be dangerous, baits carry a high risk too. Improper use and placement of baits can affect people, pets, and even wildlife. That is why no one advises homeowners to perform baiting at home by themselves.

Mice spread diseases

Mice infestations can be heavily troublesome and dangerous to humans. Mice feed on your food sources, and they destroy paper and carton boxes in order to construct their nests. Their urine and feces is likely to contain viruses and bacteria – salmonella and hantavirus for instance. Therefore, it is necessary to exterminate and remove any mouse infestation.

Pests such as mice and rats can carry a variety of diseases, directly or indirectly. The rodent itself may have parasites that bring the diseases into your home. A virus or a bacterial infection, those diseases affect human body functions and systems (pulmonary function, fever, blood circulatory system). Besides, if the water supply is infected by mice urine can cause serious, even deadly bacterial growth.

Mice can lead to serious home damages too. They gnaw on everything – electrical wiring, piping insulation and wood structural items. Many times mice used attics as their nesting areas. So, you should be aware of the damage to attic insulation and electrical wiring.

Get help

mouse-control-BirminghamIf you look for a qualified Birmingham pest controller, they will advise you to take action at the first sign of mice infestation. Experts say that the mice population grows rapidly, and they are extremely difficult to eradicate. Therefore, the best thing to do is to target the infestation while their colonies are still small.

Even cleaning after a mice infestation and removal needs to be performed precisely, that's one more reason to call Birmingham exterminators.

Birmingham pest control services are the most qualified ones to perform the most efficient mice extermination methods. To deal with removal, you should contact local Birmingham pest removal companies to arrange an inspection and consultation the very moment you determine the problem.

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