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How to generate free home improvement leads

home-improvement leads generationIf you are running a home improvement and remodelling company, you should seriously consider creating a professional web site right after your company’s email address and phone are set up. An SEO optimized home improvement and remodeling web site is key to generating more leads for any contractor.

Even though many home improvement professionals and general contractors believe that they do not need a web site, we at Homeadviceguide believe that an SEO friendly home remodelling web site can contribute significantly into generating more leads.

A study conducted by FleishmanHillard showed that 89% of all customers search online for a product or service before making a purchase. Many potential customers might be looking for qualified home improvement leads and your home remodeling web site needs to communicate a sense of professionalism and also try to educate every single potential customer that reaches your web site about the products and services of your business.

At Homeadviceguide we always try to educate contractors and remodelling contractors on the importance of a professionally designed web site that it is also optimised to bring traffic from the search engines. We often find that many remodelling professionals are unsure about the benefits of SEO to their business and they often are reluctant to invest on such a marketing strategy.

Ten tips for home improvement web site to generated more leads

  1. How does your home improvement business differentiate itself from the other competitors?
  2. Different types of services your remodeling company offers.
  3. Make contact information each to find (phone number and location)
  4. Place testimonials, case studies and reviews on your web site.
  5. Ensure your navigation is clear and consistent through the whole web site.
  6. Explain clearly the remodeling and repair processes involved.
  7. Have clear call to actions for the purpose of generating home improvement leads.
  8. Allow potential customers (prospects) to interact with you business easily.
  9. Offer personalized services depending on the buyer group.
  10. Always offer a secure payment process, in case you are selling any products online.

If you are looking to build a web site and you are not sure of the how it needs to be build to accommodate your business’s needs, we can provide you with valuable advice and also help you build a low cost web site that will help grow your business. Again, at HomeAdviceGuide we want to educate contractors and remodeling companies so that your are aware for right questions you need to ask a web design or development company, when you decide to have your own contractor or home improvement web site designed.

Ten questions to ask a designer or developer before building your web site

  1. What kind of material does my remodeling company need to supply to you to get started?
  2. Will you design the logo too or do I have to hire another professional to do that?
  3. On average how long does it take you to complete a home improvement web site?
  4. Will you design the web site from scratch or will you use a template?
  5. How involved do we need to be in terms of design?
  6. Can we make design changes at a later stage or not?
  7. Will the web site be optimized for the search engines?
  8. Who owns the home improvement web site after it is completed?
  9. Do you do any kind of benchmarking before you design the web site?
  10. Do you offer a free online web site traffic analytics software?

Should I attempt to design the home improvement web site myself

In general you should always have your web site designed by a professional web design company or web designer. However, if you have a low budget you might have to design your home improvement web site yourself. In this case, you can always try to do it with a professional web site builder such as Squares Space, Wix, Webs or Strikingly. The online web site builders make it a lot easier for non-experienced users by offering a wide range of tools and templates that you can modify with very little effort.

Why a web site builder is good solution

Web site builders are created to make it easy for non-experienced users to create conventional web sites. You might think that the word “conventional” is bad as you will not be able to build the web site the way dreamed off. However, this is not true as nearly all home-improvement web sites perform similar functions.

They need to allow people to edit content easily, to build simple forms, to create a gallery, to import graphics and to embed Google maps. You can get the best out of web site editor if you do not try to reinvent the wheel and stay conventional. Use as many as possible of the ready to user features offed by the web site builder such as template designs, photo galleries, forms, maps and ecommerce features and use a web designer to perform any kind of customization only in the case that the already existing functionality does not cover your needs. This way you can build 90% of the customization at 10% of the cost.

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