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The garden is one part of the home that needs constant attention. A well-looked after garden provides you with the opportunity to spend some time outdoors in the midst of fresh air and greenery. To many, garden brings a sense of happiness and peace. Therefore, lawn care and garden maintenance is essential for every garden owner. Looking after the garden can be stressful, back breaking and tedious to many people. It also requires a bit of gardening skills. If you are not up to it, you could hire garden maintenance professionals to do this for you.


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Gardening Services in the UK

We consider ourselves to be a particularly green-fingered nation, keen on herbaceous borders and fruit trees, as well as famously obsessed with our lawns!  But on those occasions when we need professional assistance with looking after our beloved plots of land, how can we find the best garden maintenance and lawn care services?

At HomeAdviceGuide, we have a superb network of recommended gardeners across the UK.  Most will have a wealth of domestic horticultural experience ranging from landscape gardening to full garden clearance, from tending to a high maintenance stately home to tending a low maintenance garden.

Benefits of Commissioning Garden Maintenance

Even the keenest gardener can benefit from professional gardening care maintenance services:

  • Enjoy a lovely looking garden with minimal time and effort
  • Benefit from access to first-class specialist equipment and expertise
  • Keep your grounds well-maintained and clutter-free in a cost-effective way
  • Boost the appearance of your garden in a way that suits you – with a one-off, monthly or seasonal spruce up from local garden services company.

Garden Services – Things to Consider

When you employ a professional garden service you may find that prior to agreeing to the work the company comes to visit your premises.  This is a normal and helpful part of the process as they can ascertain the nature of your garden and the likely timescales and cost.

If you are unsure as to whether you need a regular gardener or just a horticultural company to quickly tidy it up try to assess for yourself first of all whether you have a low maintenance garden that would benefit from an occasional visit (small acreage, few plants and trees) or a high maintenance garden (large acreage with unusual plants, water features, many trees etc).

Whether you have six feet of nettles or six acres of rolling lawns, only a good look around will tell the professional gardener what they can do to become the answer to your gardening dreams.

Garden Clearance Services

Most gardening services can undertake a range of key and auxiliary tasks:

  • Lawn mowing – Keep your grass neat and trim with ease
  • Flowers planting – Enjoy lovely borders, rockeries and hanging baskets
  • Pond creation – Look after your water feature from pond life to lilies
  • Cutting down of small trees and cutting back overgrown bushes – Keep your grounds tidy and presentable
  • Weed removal – Get rid of unwanted, strangling or toxic plants
  • Removal of old sheds and furniture
  • Removal of garden rubbish and waste.

Garden Services Quotes

Use HomeAdviceGuide to obtain up to 3 competitive quotes for gardening services, garden clearance and lawn maintenance.  These will clearly outline the services and costs, ensuring that you get the best value for money from the specialist garden services provider that you choose.