A fire can be devastating to any property and lethal to anyone caught in the blaze. Although deadly, fire damage can be prevented with the careful placement of sprinklers.

According to the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler association (BAFSA), buildings protected by fire sprinklers suffer losses equivalent to a tenth of those in unprotected buildings. In buildings that have been fully protected by sprinklers, 99% of fires have been controlled by those sprinklers alone.

Protect your property by installing fire sprinklers

fire sprinklers

The benefits of sprinklers in Nottingham

Sprinklers have a simple method of operating – they only turn on once they are heated up. There are often no moving parts that can become faulty and the accidental discharge rate is a mere one in 500,000. You may be surprised to know that the water damage from sprinklers is very low, especially when compared to the wholesale damage a fire can do. Property damaged by water can often berecovered and restored whereas items destroyed by fire are near impossible to recover. Sprinklers use 10,000 times less water than conventional fire hoses but still do just as efficient a job because of their ideal placement. This means the water damage from sprinklers is minimal.

How much do sprinklers in Nottingham cost?

The cost of sprinklers will vary in different areas depending on what brand you buy, who installs it, how many you buy and what sort of building in Nottingham you are aiming to protect with them. A larger building will naturally need more work if you want it to be fully covered with fire sprinklers. Remember, only the sprinklers that detect heat will activate, ensuring unnecessary water damage is not caused. Sprinklers come in two types – miniature and concealed. The miniature ones are the size of a 50 pence piece and are designed to be modern and discreet. Concealed sprinklers are recessed and fitted under a plate, making them near invisible. Sprinklers are not costly, especially considering the amount of money they can save you in the event of your Nottingham property being destroyed by a fire. The larger the area you need to protect, the costlier the installation will be. The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler association says sprinklers; “cost less than carpet” and “will protect you for the life of the building”. In order to find out how many sprinklers your house needs to be protected it is recommended you contact a fire security expert.

How to have sprinklers installed in your Nottingham propertysprinklerphoto

Hopefully you now understand how effective sprinklers can be in protecting your Nottinghamproperty as well as how cost effective they are. A fire security expert will be able to guide you on how many sprinklers you need to adequately protect your Nottingham property. Installation should be done by a registered professional and as with any home improvement it is near essential you get at least three quotes for the cost of the work before you go ahead with installation. That way you will have a choice of who to hire and should be able to make sure you get the most for your money. Sprinkler systems are installed to some very specific safety standards. To ensure complete safety, hire a contractor to install the sprinkler system. He will then be able to give you a certificate to show they adhere to the standards and have been installed correctly.


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