According to a survey conducted by ‘Which?’, as much as 80% of the new house buyers do not bother to get a professional inspection performed on the house. That basically implies that most people have no idea what they are buying, and may end up spending huge amounts of money in the coming years for repairs. Make sure that you behave like a smart person who cares about safety – get full building survey performed by calling professionals.

Building survey VS homebuyer survey

Building survey is also known as full structural survey, and it is a way of determining whether a house being sold actually has a value nearing the demanded price or not! Although homebuyer survey costs less than building survey, only modern houses can benefit from homebuyer survey. Building survey not only has greater overall depth, but is crucial for houses built more than 75 years ago, unusual buildings, extended houses as well as for future house refurbishment! This kind of survey is full, and is preferred over homebuyer survey by almost 200%.

What to expect from a building survey?

There is no hard and fast rule surrounding this type of survey. Actually, such a survey can be customized based on your requirements. For instance, if you have doubts about the quality of existing floor, you may specifically get the area checked. Normally, importance is given to all big and small external as well as internal details, starting from the roof to the drains.

As far as RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is concerned, a building survey should report even the tiniest faults spotted in a house. By using a damp test, the extent of damp proof capability should be reported too. Further, extensive information related to construction, location, material use, drainage as well as insulation is required. Timber assessment along with recommendations for any future inspection is also considered mandatory.

Note that, generally, a service such as detailed inspection of water, gas, heating or drainage system is rendered as optional only, bearing extra charge. A standard assessment regarding the building structure is the base of this survey.

Why you must go for building survey

Getting a building survey performed is a smart move since you cannot know the condition of a house just by looking. In case a house has underlying defects and you skip building survey, you may need to spend thousands of dollars in the coming years, risking your safety or health at times. In addition, any plan of renovation requires intact condition of the building in question, so if the building is faulty, the planning commission will most probably refuse renovation request. Moreover, if the survey finds a fault, you will get a chance to negotiate!

What amount should you expect to pay in exchange of building survey?

Mainly, the expense occurred due to the survey will depend on the house cost, location, size and condition. In some cases, the cost can go as high as £1,000, although usual cost is much lower. However, regardless the cost, the most important aspect is the surveyor you choose for the survey. Be sure to check the RICS site to get top RICS qualified surveyors who possess all required qualifications and follow legal codes and latest survey standards.

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