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gas-boilers-006You glance out the window to the frigid night beyond the frosty pane and breathe a contented sigh of relief as you climb into the cozy warmth of your bed. Pulling the blankets up to your chin, you turn off the bedside lamp with a familiar click and prepare for a good night’s rest. That’s when it happens … you notice the eerie silence that signals the absence of a functioning boiler. It’s a scenario that is all too common. It’s outside of business hours when you need your boiler the most and it is urgent to find immediate boiler repair. You hope that you can find a 24 hour boiler repair service.

There is usually very little warning for the situation when you require boiler repair services. Even with a diligent maintenance schedule, sometimes your equipment sometimes takes a premature retirement from its life expectancy. Unfortunately, it usually happens during the season when your boiler is operating around the clock and under circumstances that won’t allow you to wait until morning. Even if occurring during warmer temperatures, your boiler is often needed to heat your water for bathing and other household needs. Given the timing, the best choice is often to seek out a local boiler repair company. Do you know where to turn for boiler breakdown repair?

Boiler Repair Companies

Luckily, there are a number of boiler repair companies available to commercial and domestic clients around the clock who are at the ready for emergency boiler repair in London. Who you call when you need immediate service with suitable pricing is in your hands. There is a short list of criteria to think about before you hire. When you don’t have a lot of time to research your options here are some quick items to ask about.

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Things to watch out for:

Any boiler repair and service company you hire should be licensed in their trade and carry insurance that protects both provider and client.


The experience of the emergency boiler repair firm is communicated by how long they have been in business and your confidence can be established by the warranty they provide on both products and workmanship. With any boiler emergency, repair timelines are critical so you also want to consider who can respond first and complete the job with minimal disruption to you.

References and Fees
Often, you may not have the opportunity to check references, but you should still ask the provider about what they have done in the area of repair. Boiler services and maintenance they offer may also be relevant to you. Upon their arrival to your premises ensure that there is a clear understanding about the work to be done, the fees agreed to, the timeline for completion and the warranty that is being assured and get it in writing.

Emergency boiler repair is not a situation that any homeowner relishes, but with the confidence gained in securing the right provider, it removes one less aggravation from the process. With any luck, you may still get tucked back into bed in plenty of time to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Find Local Boiler Engineers

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