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If you want to see a substantial decrease in your yearly energy bills, while also being environmentally-friendly, replacement double glazing is frequently the strategy to go with. And with uPVC windows, you have a material that surpasses hardwood and aluminum, with a host of quality benefits. UPVC double glazing is easily the most famous window replacement in the UK and is even suggested by the majority of double glazing installers due to its advantages.


So, what is double glazing?

Double glazing is an efficient window unit which will replace your old, inefficient single-paned windows. It’ll last for much more than 15 years, reducing your energy bills year-in year-out by retaining heat inside your home. It works by separating two panes of glass with an energy efficient spacer, which does not allow heat to pass through. This spacer is typically Argon and fills a gap between 20 mm and 28mm.

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Benefits of uPVC double glazing

UPVC windows are the most popular replacement units in the UK and thousands of installations are finished every year. With double glazed windows: Reduce your heating bills by up to GBP300 annually, with exceptional energy efficiency methods that lock heat inside your house. This suggests you don’t have to turn up the temperature on your boiler to keep warm. Your home immediately becomes more protected and research actually implies that burglars avoid properties with double glazing. Double glazing helps put your mind at rest and guarantees greater security. Cut your house’s carbon dioxide emissions, lowering your footprint in the world. Carbon is just one of the major gases responsible for environmental issues like global warming. And an extra advantage with double glazing is the fact that noise pollution is restricted, with sound waves not able to surpass that effective Argon spacer.

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Why choose uPVC windows?

There are a bunch of reasons uPVC is the most popular frame material within the double glazing industry for both businesses and homeowners. Primarily, it’s far less expensive than hardwood or aluminum, so for all those on a budget, it’s a life saver. And despite the cheap cost, uPVC doesn’t skimp on its quality. It won’t rot or bow like wooden frames, and it may also be coloured to fit traditional residences. During production it’s made up of stabilisers and additives to protect it from the sun’s natural UV rays too.

Factors Influencing the price of double glazing

It’s worth considering that not all prices will be the same across the whole UK in once, also that double glazing & replacement window prices are constantly subject to individual companies’ terms & conditions. Variety of Fundamental uPVC Window Prices* *Remember: As mentioned, the costs shown here could have specific exclusions or some special installer terms & conditions might be appropriate. So you understand just what you’re getting for the cash to obtain an exact cost you ought to have written quotations from the installers.

Extra for fitting Sash Windows: Dependant on labour.

Safety Glass / Low- e Glass: Dependant on Installer.

Wood Grain Finish: 10% or dependant on Installer. The double glazing prices included in this post should only be used as a guide. For a detailed quote please fill in the the form above and get up to 4 free no obligation quotes.

Double glazing quotes

In the event you’re interested in uPVC windows, it’s better to be given a number of quotes to compare prices and make certain you receive the best deal for the cash.

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