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Double Glazing Installation – The Costs and the Benefits

Installing double glazing brings a series of undeniable benefits for any home. Along with increasing the overall value of the property and keeping fuel bills to a minimum, they’re also infinitely safer than standard windows and demand near-zero maintenance.

Of course, double glazing doesn’t grow on trees and nor does the labour required to fit and finish the windows and doors purchased. However, the pros associated with double glazing far outweigh the cons, which make it an investment any homeowner should seriously consider.

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Why Install Double Glazing at Home?

There are so many reasons to install double glazing at home, which include the following:

  • Double glazed windows and doors could reduce your annual fuel bills by well over £150
  • Home security is stepped up with double glazing
  • Double glazing keeps much more noise out for a quiet home
  • Property values always increase following the installation of double glazing
  • Quality double glazing will last for a minimum of 20 years, usually much longer.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost

Establishing the cost of the average double glazing installation is difficult as all jobs are different in scale and nature. From the size of the windows to the type of building and right through to the special offers available from the supplier at the time, it’s impossible to hazard a guess without knowing the project inside and out.

You can however work out a rough estimate for your own home by taking into account the per-unit price of double glazed windows.

For example, a 530 by 780mm double glazed window will come in at around £275, while a 980 by 1,340mm example will head more toward the £450 mark; it’s worth understanding that this is the price of the window only and doesn’t take into account labour.

Depending on the provider chose to install the windows; you may be quoted an hourly labour rate, a price per day or an all-encompassing price for the whole package. Generally speaking though, you should expect labour costs to come in at around £150 per day and up.

Bellow you can see some additional price estimations:

Window SizeCosts
uPVC Casement Window 60 x 90cm(x1):estimated starting cost  £250
uPVC Casement Window 120 x 120cm(x1):estimated starting cost  £350
uPVC Sash Window 60 x 90cm(x1):estimated starting cost   £500
uPVC Sash Window 120 x 120cm(x1):estimated starting cost   £600
uPVC Door (x1):estimated starting cost   £900


Double Glazed Doors

To maximise all of the above-mentioned benefits, it’s a good idea to invest in double glazed doors when having the windows of the home replaced. Generally speaking, double-glazed doors with smaller windows tend to be much cheaper than the larger primary windows of the home – some can even be fitted without professional help.

double glazed doors

To maximise the benefits from double glazing windows it is recommended to install double glazed doors too.

Head down a major hardware and home improvement store and you’ll be able to pick up a uPVC door with a double-glazed window for no more than £140. By contrast though, splash out on a solid oak front door with a much larger glass window and you won’t get much change from £500.

The best way to get started is to contact a series of unaffiliated double glazing services for an accurate quotation on the project as a whole.

Costs of uPVC Doors

Type of DoorPrices (£)
Standard uPVC Doorsfrom 240
uPVC Back Doorfrom 249
French uPVC Doorfrom 390
Patio uPVC Doorfrom 580
Stable uPVC Doorfrom 455
Side panelsfrom 75


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