Addition of door glass normally costs between £50 and £90.

Making use of glass to refresh the look of the front part or the back part of your doors can be a very good idea. Glass, more often than not, works as a pretty solid protective agent as well. There are a number of varieties of door glass you can get, for instance, stained, leaded and security glass etc. Of course, you can opt for the plain and simple glass too if you prefer simplicity.

In case the installation is for replacement purpose, the carpenter will remove the old glass first, and then clean the spot well. After that, the new glass will be installed. Having fitted the glass, most probably some more cleaning and polishing will be performed. On the other hand, if the installation involves a door with no glass, then holes with accurate measurements will be created in order to fit the glass in place. Try to go for a good professional carpenter, as the task of working with glass can be very tricky.

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