door frame installation
Door frame installation cost on average from £50 to £90.

It does not matter whether the door installation is for a fresh new door, or the job is performed as a replacement for an old frame, in both the cases, a good joiner or carpenter will be able to cut as well as fit the frame nicely to the door in question. This practice not only prevents intruders, but can also work as a good safety measure against draughts. Generally, waterproof glue is used to fit the frame well, and then it is fixed in the required part with the help of screws that dig into walls.

This way of fitting the frame to the associated brickwork of your house makes sure that the frame remains intact in place. After placing the frame, it can be painted, and the screws can be covered for good security and appearance. Normally, wood filler is used to cover the screws to make the parts waterproof and flush. It is a good idea to hire a professional for this job as over-tightness of screws may end up causing damages to the frame later. Besides, as there is the requirement for perfect level of tension and good overall finish, getting a professional is the best way to go. After attaching the door property, finishing touches can be carried out as required.

Door & Frame Installation Job Average Cost  
uPVC door installation£90
uPVC french & patio door£60
Softwood french & patio door£90
Hardwood french & patio door sets£120
Softwood internal door (hanging only)£40
Hardwood internal door  (hanging only)£50
Softwood external door (hanging only)£60
Hardwood external door hanging£70

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