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Asbestos Disposal Guide – All You Need To Know

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asbestos-disposalOver the past few decades the removal of asbestos safely from buildings and home accessories have been massive and widely publicized. Before now, buildings were roofed with sheets made of asbestos, pipes were insulated with asbestos and asbestos aided in fire proofing of accessories. But because of the knowledge of the health implication of this compound. All homeowners seek to remove the existing asbestos in their homes.

Asbestos Exposure Health Dangers

Exposure to this compound can lead on to life threatening diseases. Therefore, homeowner take the issue of asbestos removal very serious. Asbestos removal from home does not completely end the threat posed by asbestos. But safe disposal of the asbestos removed guarantees safety. Homeowner who embark on the removal of asbestos from their home must make necessary arrangements to dispose off the asbestos properly. Because of the severity of the effect of asbestos, items used during the removal are also considered contaminated. Disposal of asbestos cement is not left out.

Asbestos Cement Disposal Procedure

Disposal of asbestos cement requires 6 mil polyethylene plastic bag of sheeting or 6mil asbestos disposal bag depending on the size and amount. Duct tape is used to seal off the package for disposal. Because of the risk of asbestos, the polyethylene bags that are used to dispose them are labelled after sealing off with duct tape. The cement is loaded into the bag in an amount light enough to enable movement of the bag. An important part of disposal procedure is to write the name of the person disposing the cement and the date the material is removed. Finally, move the packaged bags to the disposal site.

Where Is Asbestos Disposed?

There are landfills that are reserved for asbestos removal and disposal. This shouldn’t be hard to locate. A simple search on the internet will reveal the closest landfill to you. It is recommended that disposal of the removed asbestos be done within 10 days of its removal. If you need asbestos removed from your home contact a specialist today. They know how to take care of the asbestos in your home.

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