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Having moved into your new abode, it can be over whelming to see boxes laying everywhere, so what is the first step?  Is there a correct way to unpack?

I believe not, we all have our own methods, some random, some more organized. It’s all down to individual choice and decision.

We may even unpack in different ways while having moved on various occasions, and other factors play a part too, such as the amount of time left during the day of moving and the amount of energy left after the stress of it all.

Unpacking Necessities First.

Unpack what you need to use right-away, for overnight, and for early the next morning.

Such items might include toilet paper, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, mugs and perhaps a teaspoon or two, and most of all, the kettle.  Also, anything else that may be needed for your children, such as their own drinks can be packed. These items, plus toothpaste, nightwear and some towels should keep you going until the next morning.

If you have young children with you a few toys may be a good idea in order  to keep them busy, and  give them something to cuddle in bed, leaving you to get the unpacking completed quicker, hopefully with no interruptions.

Unpacking One Room at a Time.

Placing packed boxes into the appropriate rooms is a good start, providing you can do so, for they are already labelled. If not labelled, a quick peak inside will have to suffice. This way it is easier to unpack one room at a time.

The Living Room.

This is usually the ‘hub’ of the home, but should it be difficult to move furniture with man and van service and set it up just right the first time, a few well recognized ornaments, keep sakes, and photographs could easily be placed around, making the room more of a home for you and your loved ones.

The other option would be to get the television set up and simply watch the family gather around and amuse themselves. Although, they might of-course have to sit on the floor, as the furniture may not yet be in the right position.

The Kitchen.

If the kitchen utensils and crockery box is placed in the kitchen, items can be found easily, especially if you should feel the need for a cuppa to revive you. This can then be achieved much faster and more efficiently, getting you back to the job of unpacking quicker.

The Bathroom.

Make sure toilet paper is at hand, toothbrush and toothpaste is in there for everyone and towels are also available.

This does not mean that shelves, cupboards, and other units are necessarily ready for hanging and stacking, but that toiletries you are in need of are easily accessible.

The Bedroom.

Boxes belonging in the bedroom can be unpacked and clothes placed in drawers or hung up.

The bed can be made up looking beautiful with your favourite sheets, giving you the push to get on with the unpacking as you look forward to a restful sleep in your new comfortable home.

It could, on the other hand, tempt you to slow down and grab a nap, hence these choices are always up to the individuals, and how they choose to do things on any given day.

If children are older, perhaps they can unpack their own belongings, making them feel grown-up and independent in their new surroundings.

Someone to unpack for you.

There are unpacking services available, but are they worth the money and do you want to spend money on this service?

Maybe these companies are more suitable for the use of bigger establishments, or those who are being relocated by their employers.

Find Removal Companies Near You

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