There are several different types of exterior awning – so how do you find the one that is right for your property?

exeterior awningsHaving awning installed on your property is a great way to open up your home and provide a nice, shaded area for family and friends to lounge under when you use the garden for social gatherings – but what kind of awning would be best for your home? Because they come in a range of different materials, colours and fabrics it already seems like there’s a lot of choice – for a small price you can literally tailor the final aesthetic touches down to the tiniest detail. First of all, however, you have to choose the main unit – that is, the kind of awning model that’s going to fit directly onto the property.

Exterior Awning Models

To help give you an idea of the different awning units on the market, we have put together this handy guide on the main models offered by various websites.

  • Manual Awnings – once fitted, these awnings can be retracted via a pulley system, quite like ordinary indoor curtains. The metal frame that supports the canvas is usually very thin, and isn’t always suited to extreme or hazardous weather conditions.
  • Retractable Awnings – retractable awnings are powered by electric motors hidden on the inside of the awning unit that’s attached to the main building, and work via remote or a hidden switch that allows them to be retracted as and when you need them. This makes them great for when you fancy lounging in the sun and don’t want a whole area completely covered in shade all day long.
  • Portable Awnings – portable awnings are a fancy, cost-effective solution for providing shade for social events and gatherings away from the main section of any building. Basically, they function similarly to fold-up gazebos, but with the additional awning stretching out from one of the light metal plates that’s inserted into the top of the canvas. Some portable awnings can even be attached to buildings via a ‘stick-on’ panel – but take care, as these are usually light and thin and won’t be able to cope with heavy weights or bearings on them.
  • Solar Panel Awnings – if you want a more eco-friendly option, then why not opt for solar panelled awnings instead? While this does mean you won’t be able to retract the awning, it gives you an extra incentive for the investment as you could get back a return on the energy you produce from the National Grid – or if you don’t mind having the extra equipment installed, you could even make use of the energy yourself, cutting down your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

Remember, be sure to look around as many different retailers and online stores as possible to see the widest variety of awnings available and, ultimately, to get the best deal possible. Whether you need a budget awning from somewhere cheap like Argos or a high-quality, tailor-made awning from specialist companies such as Primrose Awnings, there’s sure to be the right model for your property somewhere out there.

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