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Moisture can cause substantial problems in your house, so it is therefore important to get the appropriate treatment to your walls to ensure there is no structural damage or hidden issues.A damp-proof course (DPC) functions as a flat obstacle in the wall to resist moisture. Moisture will rise through a construction by capillary action, commonly known as rising damp. This prevents water transferring from the earth to a building.Without a DPC, moisture will rise to the walls, creating cracks and breaking the cement-paint bonds. 


Installing damp proofing

Damp proofing is installed at the initial construction of most homes, but over time its effectiveness can dissipate. This indicates you may require a top-up to ensure your property stays safe and moisture resistant. Old properties commonly lack any damp proofing, and this is picked up quickly with surveys that show how badly the moisture content is. A DPC is frequently installed between 2 courses of brick as a thick plastic strip. You can also have damp proofing for the flooring, known as damp-proof membrane. This is a thick polythene slab laid underneath the flooring. DPMs and DPCs can be welded together to create a continuous barrier preventing further moisture penetration.

Damp proofing quotes

Damp proofing is crucial to preventing rising damp issues and is something that you should certainly examine if any issues arise. If left untouched, you may face more hassle and fees later on. For up to four FREE quotes for damp proofing costs, complete our quick form and hear from local, vetted, and trustworthy businesses.

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