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A conservatory can become a wonderful place to relax all through the year, during the summer and through the winter. But, the glass can frequently get a greenhouse effect and in the hotter months this can raise humidity and also make it a sticky atmosphere. With conservatory ceiling fans you have the opportunity to regulate the temperature and reduce humidity, making the conservatory even more comfy for everyday use.


Conservatory Ceiling Fans

Benefits of remote control conservatory ceiling fans

You may have considered an air conditioning unit for the conservatory, but in reality a ceiling fan will be considerably more effective. The benefits of conservatory ceiling fans include:

Cheaper to run

Ceiling fans are inclined to use around 50 Watts every hour compared to an air conditioning fan that will use between 1.5-2kW. This could have a critical impact on home energy bills. Fans without lights use no more extra energy than a 100 Watt light bulb would.

Better for the environment

Because of the same low-energy use mentioned above that reduces your bills, it also helps the environment with less carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Operating an air conditioning unit through the summer would leave a considerably greater carbon footprint than a conservatory ceiling fan would.

Better positioned in the conservatory

Standing fans can be a nightmare, especially if you have small children or pets playing around. Air conditioning units are ordinarily using one of the walls, and won’t tie in with your conservatory’s glass and style. With a ceiling fan with lights, on those warm summer days you can add sophistication to the conservatory and enjoy a cooler environment.

Effective cooling system

Warm air naturally rises whilst cool air sinks to the floor. Other ventilation systems don’t provide this constant room temperature, instead creating a singular flow of air.

Available in many appealing designs

These fans can complement any layout with a wide range of options for every single home. Whether you’re after conservatory ceiling fans with lights or a conventional appearance, there’s something for everyone.

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