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The largest solar panel systems need a big open space in which to sit, generally unoccupied farmland. Systems are composed of a large number of panels and electricity generated could be used on-site or sold for the National Grid. Large organisations spend a lot more annually on electricity charges, which explains why these bigger setups have been specifically made to help cut that cost.Solar panels work by producing an electric charge. Two layers of semiconducting materials gather the sun’s normal rays and convert the electricity into usable electrical for lighting and appliances.The solar panels are connected to the National Grid ensuring a fixed income and other fantastic benefits. 


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Advantages of commercial solar PV 51kw+ systems for schools, company and farms

Electricity prices are growing year-in year-out and many people are looking at solar panels as the most feasible method to help them earn a fixed income and cut their spending. With commercial solar PV 51kw+ system solar panels:

Reduce your electricity bills by tens of thousands of pounds annually by utilising a natural, green type of energy

A solar panels installation will be even more effective for schools and businesses because they’re used most often throughout the day – saving even more on bills.

Create a rewarding return of investment together with the RO-FIT

Huge solar power installations don’t profit from the feed-in tariff, but you can apply directly to ROO-FIT to seek out how much you’ll get.

Any excess electricity might be offered to the National Grid

This will ensure that each and every unit of energy you produce is used in a way. The present price stands at 4.5p/kWh.

Cut carbon emissions

This will help the Government meet EU objectives and boost your green credentials.

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Commercial solar PV 51kw+ systems are a fantastic way to cut your business’ bills and reduce the carbon footprint. They allow you to truly reduce your spending whilst also guaranteeing a fixed-income over two decades.

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