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It’s not only homeowners who will reap the benefits of a commercial solar PV 11kW – 50 kW system, companies ought to benefit from the financial savings solar panels offer as well.The commercial solar PV 11kW – 50kW solar panel systems are meant for businesses, schools, and production facilities with a large energy bill. They will also need lots of roof space to place the panels, so are ideal for buildings where this is the case. With a feed-in tariff spending 13.03p/kWh, there’s the chance to produce a guaranteed income for twenty years.


Benefits of Solar Panels

  • A solar panel system will generate free electricity for more than 25 years. That is backed by solar panel installers who even offer warranties and warranties for twenty years.
  • The tariff rewards the intake of renewables by spending a collection fee of 13.03p for each unit of renewable electricity generated. This ensures a higher return of investment on a 20 year interval.
  • Avoid spending much more on your electricity bills as wholesale prices increase for gas and electricity. Using a natural resource will protect your business from an expensive potential.
  • Make a further earning by selling any extra electricity to the National Grid at a speed of 4.5p/kWh. Whilst the majority of the electricity will be used for your business needs, anything unused could be sold at a set fee.
  • Operate solar panels with low maintenance needs: All you must do is make sure they’re not cast in darkness by trees or structures.
  • Minimize your business’ carbon footprint using a sustainable resource and reducing dioxide emissions. This will help the environment and showcases your green credentials.

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