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Solar panels can be used to create huge solar panels systems installations that are capable of supplying electricity for a vast variety of commercial users.  Commercial solar panels are a cost effective way for your business to save money on electricity bills and even earn an income from the Government backed feed-in tariff payments. Currently the feed-in tariff pays up to 13.9p per kWh for some commercial systems.  If you are interested in receiving  free industrial roofing quotes for commercial solar panels please get in touch today.


More About Commercial Solar Panels

Environmental Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy

Factories and some other commercial buildings are emitting huge quantities of dangerous waste into the surroundings and the effects can be detrimental to the planet. Commercial solar energy is a great substitute for the burning of fossil fuels and there will become a great reduction in noise and air pollution. Solar panels use no water for the generation of zero emission electricity. To add to this, they’re better than building power stations which may be expensive and wasteful, and thanks to feed in tariffs commercial ventures can become solar power generators able enough to produce solar power that others can benefit from.

Businesses That Could Use Solar Energy

Solar energy that could be used by some examples of commercial industries are; data storage facilities. These services may utilize a big amount of electricity to power hundreds, and maybe even tens of thousands of computers at once. Restaurants may also run efficiently on solar energy, as energy is used by them to control air conditioning, light, refrigeration and cooking stations. Breweries also work as machinery is used by them to cool, warm and pour all the essential ingredients to create beer around the clock. The usage of solar power in all of these commercial businesses will lower their operating costs, reduce any pollution and in the long term, shield the planet.

The Cost of Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial solar panel costs in the UNITED KINGDOM can vary from a couple of hundred pounds up to over GBP1,000 per module, depending on your energy requirements. Commercial solar panels can have as much as 1,000 solar modules interconnected to generate a given energy capacity.

Commercial Solar Panels Systems Cost

Commercial solar panel systems in the UNITED KINGDOM can cost as little as GBP10,000 for a little business, up to and above GBP100,000 for larger setup applications. However, a few of these techniques are estimated to make around GBP1.5 million over the 20 year feed-in tariff scheme, making them a terrific investment.

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