Cleaning the bedroom is a task no one wants to do and it’s easy to let the mess build up until it becomes a massive task. However, here are ways to tackle the build up of mess and clutter and keep the room tidy and clean.


Pick up any clothes that have been left lying around. Put any dirty clothes in the wash and any clean ones should be hung up or put away. It is also important to have set places for certain types of clothing, for example a set drawer for underwear, PJs etc. Having a set place for the clothes to be returned to will encourage you to keep the order and put them away. It will also make picking or finding clothes easier.


Collect any rubbish that has been left lying around and throw it into the bin or recycle it. After you are sure you’ve collected all the rubbish change the bin bag, leaving the room looking tidier. It’s also important to make sure you still set things to be recycled to one side. Having a small bin in your bedroom can tempt you to simply throw everything out together. This not only has a negative effect on the environment as you aren’t recycling, but it will fill up your bin faster than needed and cause your room to look very messy.


Having more clutter than you need will make your room look messy and overly cluttered. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year straight off; if you haven’t used it in a year it’s likely you wouldn’t use it again. Anything you know you won’t use this season can be stored away out of sight instead of leaving things on show even though you know they won’t be used. Anything you use on occasion but not regularly can also be stored away to avoid clutter build up. Just make sure these items are still within easy reach; for example, if you are storing them in a box under your bed make sure the things you may want to use occasionally are the easiest to reach.


Similar to giving your clothes set places to be returned to, anything you keep on shelves or bedside tables etc. should also have a set place. This will allow you to organise your displays better, making the room look as neat as possible, and encourage you to return things straight back into their determined spot. An extra tip is to leave little gaps on your shelves to prevent them from looking overcrowded or cluttered.


Wipe down or polish any surfaces that need it as well as any items that have been out or stored away for a long period of time, as they will have also collected dust. Dirty surfaces are one of the easiest ways a room can look untidy and a simple wipe down only takes a few minutes but will make an incredible difference to the overall appearance of the room. It’s also important to ensure there is as little dust as possible if you suffer from asthma.


Vacuum the floor regularly to stop dirt from building up in the carpets. Any stains should be cleaned up asap to prevent them from setting. Despite this, steam cleaning the floors every month or two will ensure anything that has managed to escape the vacuum will be cleaned up. A clean floor will set the tone for the whole room.

Make your bed

An unmade bed is the number way to make a bedroom look untidy, so make sure you do it! It’ll take a few minutes and will make a lot of difference. Having matching bed sets will also help the room look tidier and more ‘put together’.

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