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If you are worried about the safety of your fireplace and feel like that you should be able to enjoy more the warmth and comfort or your fireplace without the danger of any chimney fire than you should get in touch with our City of London chimney sweeping professionals to help you keep your fireplace hazard free.

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Do you want cost effective City of London Chimney Sweep ?

Whether you are afraid of the risk that comes with chimney fires in your lounge fireplace, or hesitant about the cost of chimney sweep, if you approach our chimney sweep City of London experts, you can relax! If you need warmth without any fear, we are here to provide you cost effective solutions.

Chimney fire risk

If chimney is not maintained properly, you may face the danger of injury from fire. Under extreme situations, death can occur too. Hence, ensure that frequent City Of London chimney sweeping is taken care of. Risk of chimney fire is there in case:

  • Creosote build-up seems puffy that has varicoloured streaks
  • Warped metal found within chimney area
  • There’s cracking or collapsing of flues
  • Discoloration indicating distortion of rainhat is found
  • Creosote flakes are found on the roof or ground near chimney
  • There’s heat damage in roofing materials
  • Development of masonry cracks is seen
  • There’s smoke escape through inappropriate places

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Introduction to creosote

Creosote mostly looks brown or black, and is shiny, hardened, sticky, tar-like or flaky. The substance is a by-product of wood, and is highly combustible. This substance is the top reason behind fires of chimney, and the exact reason why professional help is so necessary. Thankfully, there are ways to control its risk:

  • Inspect and clean the chimney once a year minimum
  • Seasoned wood that is dry is best to use
  • Avoid using cardboard or any other such substance in your fireplace for burning
  • Use small fire that is hot and generate low smoke

Preventing poisoning from gas

One of the main reasons to go for City Of London chimney sweeping service is to prevent gas poisoning. Damaged, blocked or leaked flue and chimney, inferior ventilation etc. can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, leading to dizziness, headache, nausea or death! At times, birds make nests near chimneys impeding ventilation, which can cause leakage of poisonous gas inside the house.

How Much Does Chimney Sweep Cost

The cost of chimney sweeping City Of London professional services depends on chimney quantity, design and size. If the time and effort required is more, you may end up paying as much as ‘100. However, the cost can be as low as ’30 too.

Why DIY is risky?

DIY attempt for chimney sweeping is not recommended since the process can be truly dangerous. Professionals utilize all kinds of safety gears, which is not possible with DIY. Tasks such as handling birds or other animals, dealing with harmful chemicals, working with different angles etc. demand very detailed knowledge of the whole process. So do not try to risk gas poisoning, fire or some other kind of trouble. Instead, fill our form online, and let us know your issue. Getting in touch with chimney sweep City Of London services can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Not only that, you can easily get free quotes from us without any obligations too! So get in touch, and enjoy the warmness of your fireplace safely!

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