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Cat Flap Door Installation Cost in 2019

Advice, Cost guides, Doors, Doors & Windows

February 13, 2019

Cap flap fitting cost ranges from £45 to £65 and can be a suitable step if you want to make the life of your cat...

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UPVC Windows Installation Cost Guide

Cost guides, Doors & Windows, UPVC, Windows

February 13, 2019

uPVC windows offer many benefits (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride) and they are quickly becoming the first choice...

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What Is The Cost of Installing Window Shutters In 2019?

Blinds, Cost guides, Doors & Windows

February 12, 2019

More British home-owners are investing in the benefits and advantages of new window shutters. Find out more about the...

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Bi-fold Doors Cost & Installation Advice

bi-fold doors

February 25, 2018

The reasons bi-fold doors have advanced to the most used home accessory in the United Kingdom cannot be overemphasized....

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uPVC door repairs: DIY & Professional advice guide

Doors, Doors & Windows, Uncategorized, UPVC

February 23, 2017

Fixing a new uPVC door can be tricky, especially if you haven’t attempted to repair these kinds of doors before –...

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Benefits & Cost of Installing French doors

Doors, Doors & Windows

April 29, 2016

Installing French doors is a great way to update your home and add a touch of class – find out more about choosing...

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The Different Types of Fire Doors & Fire Extinguishers

Doors, Doors & Windows, Safety & Security

March 29, 2016

Many people are concerned about the safety of their buildings. Should there be a fire outbreak, reducing the risk of...

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Aluminum Windows and Doors Buying Guide

Cost guides, Doors, Doors & Windows

November 19, 2015

Choosing the right windows and doors to cover those holes in your house or place of business, play a vital role. In...

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Window Blinds & Shades Guide – Cost, Types & Fitting Advice

Blinds, Doors & Windows

September 12, 2014

Window blinds offer a great alternative to curtains at a reasonable price, here’s our guide to the different types of...

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Garage Doors Types & Prices – Repair & Replacement Cost

Doors, Doors & Windows, garage door

June 27, 2014

If you are having problems with your garage door and you wish to repair it, in this guide you will will find useful...

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Double Glazing Installation – The Costs and the Benefits

Cost guides, Doors & Windows

June 14, 2014

Installing double glazing brings a series of undeniable benefits for any home. Along with increasing the overall value...

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Door handle repairs cost

Cost guides, Doors & Windows

February 4, 2014

If you are prepared to spend anything from £40 to £60, that is good enough when it comes to door handles. There are...

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