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How To – Dishwasher Installation In 9 Steps

DIY, Plumbing

February 17, 2016

Dishwashers are an essential in the fast-paced homes of today; they are great, time-saving tools and they effectively...

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Your DIY Guide to Easy Plumbing Repairs


April 14, 2015

Plumbing repairs can be very expensive, so it is understandable that keen DIY-ers want to save money and do it...

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Tips for choosing local plumbers

Plumbing, Quotes

December 23, 2013

If you want to be sure that your home or business’ water supply is working properly it is worth making sure you find...

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Plumbing Job Expenses and Respective Completion Durations

Plumbing, Plumbing

December 5, 2013

In the year 2012, a ‘Which?’ survey of home improvement jobs was done in which 151 plumbers took part and provided...

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