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Cat Flap Door Installation Cost in 2019

Cap flap fitting cost ranges from £45 to £65 and can be a suitable step if you want to make the life of your cat hassle free.


Cat flap repairing or new cat flap installation should be done by a professional. The reason is that in the case that a non-qualified person does the job, the door might get damaged. Besides, professional cap fitters can perform the task very neatly. So, in order to ensure that you and your cat is happy, make a small investment and hire a professional fitter.

Cat flap repairing advice

Normally, cat flap repairing does not involve any rocket science. You just need to use some elbow grease or oil. However, at certain times, cap  flap replacement becomes necessary. The cap door fitters you choose will be able to help you decide which route to take. The general overall cost of repair or installation is quite low.

Cap flap mechanism

The only thing that costs a considerable amount is the cat flap mechanism. Note that although cat flap installation or repair costs are quite the same for all types of models, the price of different models is not the same.  Bellow you can see the different types available  and the estimated cost to buy one.

The classic cat flap is nothing more than two-way pet door that allows your cat to come in the house whenever it decides too. This conventional cat doors are relatively inexpensive to buy and perfectly sufficient if there are not many other cats around your property that could enter your home through your cat flap. Another disadvantage is that these cat doors do not offer the same control as more high-tech cat flaps, which also offer protection from bad weather.

Lowest Price: £10

The lockable cat flap allows to either keep the cat inside or outside the house. This ensures that your cat stays where it should, when it is required. Locking cat flaps usually come with some sort of security barrier or cover, to keep other animals outside the property at night and also to offer protection against bad weather.

Lowest Price: £10

Infrared cat flaps are more expensive but they give your more control over which animal enters your property through the cap flap. These cap flaps work with an infrared key that needs to matches the one of your pet, in order for the pet door to open. Each infrared key comes with a colour code, depending on the frequency that it uses, so that you can check the colour of your neighbour’s cat flap too, in order to change the colour of your cat’s key when both are the same. There is also the option of buying more than one keys, if you want to allow your relatives’ or friends’ cats to be able to access your home too.  

Lowest Price: £50+

Magnetic cat flaps allow your pet to enter the house though the cap flap by way of a special collar or tag. However, bare in mind that the system can take a little time to recognize the cat, which means that it will not be able to enter and exit the property instantly. Furthermore, as with infrared cat flaps, other pets in your neighborhood might have the same magnetic device so that they could still come in the house.

Lowest Price: £20+

Microchip cat flaps are the most expensive option but also the one that offers the higher control. These cat flats work either by placing an electronic tag on the cat’s collar or by embedding it under the skin of the cat. Each microchip is coded only to your cat to prevent other pets from accessing your home, even they follow behind you cat. You can also program a microchip cat flaps to work with different animals in your household.

Lowest Price: £50+

In which doors can cat flap doors can be fitted?

  • uPVC Door Panels
  • Glass Doors
  • Wooden Doors
  • Aluminium and Metal Skinned Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Porches
  • Conservatories
  • Windows
  • Double/Single Glazed Units
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • French Doors

Why Choose A Professional Cat Flap Fitter

Many homeowners might think that by attempting to DIY the project will save them money but many times they end up spending more time and money than expected.

  • Cat flap installation only
  • Supply & installation of cat flat.
  • Replace  existing cat flap in original panel
  • Removal of existing cat flap and installation of new upvc panel, glass etc

We hope that you find the above cat flap door fitting cost advice useful enough. Remember, if you cannot do the job yourself it always worth trying to have a professional fitter to do it for you. It is really worth the investment to make your cat happy!

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