Tree houses are often considered to shape dreams or fantasies, giving a fairy tale touch to the realities of life for adults as well as children. The charm and intrigue of a tree house is truly unique, and although it takes adequate effort and time when it comes to shaping a perfect tree house, the work is often worth it! How a tree house is constructed is of crucial importance, as safety issues are closely attached with any tree house. Mostly, each and every responsible parent tries to do as best as possible when it comes to building a fun tree house, as their children’s happiness and safety are at stake. A tree house can be a way to serenity in the midst of all the hustles and bustles of life, or an escaping partner from the worries and anxieties surrounding all around. In order to construct a safe and sturdy tree house, particular steps can be taken, which we are going to discuss in this article.

The location truly matters

Tree house building is a project that involves a lot of sweat and blood. There is also the chance that your neighbors may get defensive against the construction in case you can watch them easily when inside the tree house. Also, as constructions above the ground level involve a bit of risk, a tree house can be considered as a serious subject. For these reasons, many regions require permit for construction of tree house, so it is your duty to be sure to check with the officials accordingly. It is best to choose a tree that has spread out study branches which are large. For a tree house for young lovely children, the height should not be too much above the ground. Also, make sure that the tree has enough leaves and branches above the house after construction. Ideally, go for a tree that does not involve any hassle of power lines near it, and also, be absolutely certain that the branches have the capability to support the weight of the house well. And most importantly, make sure that you plan every step beforehand in order to avoid confusion and frustration of improper planning.

Ensuring equipment availability is important

In most cases, pine of pre-treated variety works charmingly well when it comes to tree houses. The reason is that this type of wood does not attract bugs easily and is of very light weight. Other than choosing the proper variety of wood, equipping the hardware store with exact measurements and sizes of lumber cuttings required is vital. Measuring tape, pencils, ropes, ladder, nails, saws, drills, bolts, fasteners, nail guns etc. are some of the most essential things attached with this job. Gloves and safety goggles are not to be ignored either, as safety assurance is very significant. Also, be sure to have a good first aid kit ready.

House platform is the base

Tree House Base

Tree house base is the foundation of a perfect tree house

The first step regarding construction of a tree house is its platform. Throughout the process of building the platform, you need to be very careful not to harm the tree in any way. Use of nail guns or drills must be done only as an absolutely last resort. Lashing of planks with the use of ropes, along with fastener use is the best way to go. It is perfectly fine to make certain small holes and adjustments in the tree, but do not go overboard. You may also want to examine different kinds of knots in order to apply the most durable and sturdy knots you possibly can. Additionally, you have to understand that tying ropes too tightly can end up hurting a tree. Taking a free-from strategy that utilizes living tree parts, bolting boards using existing branches can make the process simple.

The construction strategy should be smart

A number of people prefer to assemble certain tree house parts, especially the walls and the roof, on the ground itself, and later attach the same to the main platform since it is easier to work on the ground compared to working above the ground level. If you take this strategy, remember to cut spaces for windows and doors. Although ladder use is the standard approach, you may use stairs with railings like those seen in children’s parks so that the children can climb up or down without risk. Before finally moving inside the house, you should check carefully for any abnormal behavior. Making sure that there is no nail sticking out, and no part is ill-fitted can go a long way. You may even check the house during a session of rain to ensure that it is devoid of any kind of leakage.

Eye-catching decoration is very fun

The final step of tree house completion is its decoration. Make sure that you ask the children to let you know what theme they expect inside. You can very safely involve the children in this step of the process in order to extract their beautiful imaginations. Decorating the house with nice tables, toys, cushions and posters can make it look well-put. Also, you may want to make use of a fine paint inside and out. Lighting can be very creative as well. Moreover, fire poles, rope swings, trap doors etc. can bring more fun to the overall experience. You can also use colorful flags. In addition, spy glasses and homemade periscopes are big hits too. Utilizing the power of a garden hose as an imaginary water canon for the kids to have fun with enemies is a good idea too! Lastly, go for renewable solar energy if possible!

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