The Building Regulations of 2010 are in full effect in England and Wales. The regulations were first introduced in order to make sure that properties follow pre-determined standards when it comes to building safety, health, energy efficiency as well as comfort. In case you are constructing a property, or making some changes to a property you have owned for years, you must make sure that all the regulations are respected in your work.

While the Part A of the Building Regulations is concerned with safety standards related to structure, Part B as a whole deals with fire safety. The Part C of the regulations is all about contaminant resistance and moisture. Further, Part D deals with the problem of toxic substances. Resistance to all kinds of sounds falls under Building Regulations Part E. While ventilation is the subject dealt with in the Part F, the Part G of the Building Regulations takes sanitation, water efficiency and water safety regarding hot water very seriously. Part H cannot be neglected either with standard regulations for waste disposal and drainage facilities. The Part J and K respectively deal with appliances producing heat and protection against felling. Part L is mainly concerned about saving power and fuel, which is one of the most sensitive issues of this era without doubt. The Part M of the regulations is about the use of buildings and access to buildings. Whereas Part N deals with safety related to glazing, Part P goes a notch further to take into account the notorious safety issues of electrical installation.

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Parties responsible for strictly following building regulations

It is, of course, necessary for people involved in trading to have detailed and current knowledge regarding all kinds of building regulations. Further, they are to make sure that all the standards are met in any kind of work completed. But have in mind that the final responsibility lies with the owner of a building, and the owner is to be certain that all kinds of safety regulations are totally complied with at all times. In case you are the owner of a building or of a property where construction is going on, and somehow fail to do your duty of checking the regulations well, you may be fine as much as £5,000 for allowing work that fails to live up to the expectations and standards of building regulations.

How will I know whether I am adhering to every single regulation or not?

In case you are planning some kind of construction, the best thing you can do is approach the planning authority of your region. First of all, whether you are improving your building or making whole new parts of construction, make sure that you explain what you intend to do in detail. The authorities will certainly give you inputs regarding everything that can be done differently. You can go ahead of your own, and download some guiding documents using the planning portal website of the government. If you are doing everything right, you should get a proper certificate of building regulations compliance. In any case, the local authority or an approved inspector will very likely inspect the work going on to have a better understanding.

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