One of biggest energy supplies and most important boiler manufacturers in the United Kingdom is British Gas. British gas performs boiler installations with their own models but also by using several models from other boiler manufacturers. The British gas 5series and the British 330+ are the most  popular products. While, the British gas 330+ heat-only boiler comes with only one heat output, the 5 series range combination boilers comes with 3 different heat outputs. Another feature that makes British gas 330+ popular is the inbuilt energy use indicator. This allows you to monitor the amount of gas consumed. British gas can also help with insurance, repairs and boiler replacement. Their insurance provides peace of mind to the customers while, there is also a wide range of boiler models when it is time to have your boiler replaced. In addition, with British Gas boilers you can adjust your heating setting remotely any time. One of the most innovative features is the ability to control everything from your mobile phone.


The warranty for boilers supplied by British gas is usually between 12 to 24 months. The period of warranty depends on the manufacturer of the boiler. This is because British gas supplies boilers of different brands. A 12 months British gas home-care boiler repair is covered in new installations while there is an after-care for one year that is worth $216. Costumers are happy with these arrangements as it gives them peace of mind knowing that the boiler comes with after care.

British Gas contact details

You can get more information through the British gas boiler website

Mails can be sent to:

British Gas
PO Box 4805
BN11 9QW

You can contact British Gas by calling 0800 009 4450,

Or contact British Gas technical support via 0800 048 0505


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