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How To Reduce Heating Biills:Breaking Down Energy Grants

energy grantEnergy grants are in place to help with the costs of your energy bills and to help you purchase boilers and other heating systems. Understanding what grants are, what grants are available, and who is eligible for the particular grants will help you figure out if you qualify, and if you can in turn save money on your energy bills year-round.

What is a grant?

A grant is a a voucher, or money, that can be used towards the cost of buying something. From education to land grants, there are many different options. Grants oftentimes do not cover the full cost of an item, but they will help you with the purchase or total bill. However, grants are in place to help you, so they more often than not cover enough to make the item free or close to it.

Grants are typically offered to motivate people to buy or do something they normally wouldn’t. For example, in today’s society we are seeing more and more ‘green’ grants, which are in place to encourage you to adopt green practices for your home, such as installing solar panels.

Energy grants

Energy grants are one of the most commonly awarded, largely because they are mainly funded by the government. Many energy grants are in place to encourage the green practices mentioned above because it will reduce our impact on the environment. Look at it this way, slashing our fuel is far cheaper than having to build new power stations to keep up with the population demands.

In addition to government-issued grants, many utility companies are offering grants as well. These are often referred to as “short-term hot grants” and are offered via email. With the rising popularity of environmentally friendly energy practices, utility companies are having to come up with new ways to compete, and this often means cutting people a deal through grants.

Grants are in place to help increase your home’s value and warmth without breaking the bank. While grants are a wonderful way to help minimize your monthly energy costs, you should also be proactive about your boiler or other heating system and do your best to ensure it does not breakdown.

Top energy grants

The top energy grants are usually directed towards people who get new boilers or add insulation. Because energy grants are largely centered on people becoming more energy efficient, people who make moves towards doing so will be rewarded.

The cost of a new boiler or other heating system will vary depending on your home and installer, as will the price of insulation. Since boilers are one of the biggest contributors to your energy bill, the more efficient the boiler, the more heat it produces from each gas unit. It is therefore important to upgrade to a more efficient boiler, and you won’t have to be pay for it out of pocket, thanks to the many grants out there. Depending on your boiler’s age, a newer and more efficient one could save you up to £310/year.

Additionally, wall insulation may save you up to £140 off energy bills per year.  If you get a loft (with no insulation) fitted with 270mm of new insulation, you can save an additional £180 each year.

The government, energy supplies, and local authorities are the main sources that offer energy grants. Getting started with grants can be confusing and overwhelming, so it is best if you start by looking at the government’s Energy Saving Trust (EST) website. It will have advice and an information helpline (0300 123 1234) which will get you on your way.

Qualifying for an energy grant 

In order to qualify for a grant you may need to receive tax credits or income-based benefits, such as pension credit or income support. There are many online sources that will allow you to do a quick search and see if you do, in fact, qualify.

Because there are so many energy grants offered through a variety of suppliers and government entities, it is best to check with the EST as well as your local government website for the most up to date grant information. Every grant has different qualifying stipulations, so be sure to read the fine print.

Try visiting the ENERGY GRANTS CALCULATOR to find out what every improvements can help.


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