The UK government is wary about global warming. Most countries around the world are also worried about our activities that are leading to increasing global warming. This is because there are catastrophic weather effects due to global warming, and the governments would like to think about the future generation.

With that in mind, the UK government came up with Energy Company Obligation, a program that ensures low-income homes can access home improvements. The main reason it came up with this program is because it realized one way to reduce the carbon footprint of the whole country is by making homes have more efficient use of energy. People who have more money can replace their less energy efficient equipment in their homes while there are those who aren’t so lucky.

As gas boilers are one of the things in the homes that consume the most energy and contribute to a bigger part of the carbon footprint of the home, the UK government would like every home to have an efficient one. They came up with grants to replace gas boilers for people who are eligible for it.

The target for this scheme is mostly for low-income households, and its main aim is to replace boilers that are more than five years old. They don’t replace boilers that are less than five years old because they feel the best way to do this would be through maintenance of the current ones.

The boilers are free and non-repayable because everyone’s bill has a small percentage of money that goes to ECO, called the Green Tax. The money is collected by the Big Six energy suppliers, and they give the money to ECO, who are in charge of installing free boilers in low-income households and those that are vulnerable.

Here are some of the guidelines to see if a home is eligible to get free gas boilers. For you to be eligible for the gas boiler, your property must be on a mains gas supply, the gas boiler that you want to be replaced should be more than five years old, you must be the home owner or a private tenant, and you are not replacing a condensing gas boiler. Other additional criteria are that you must be making less than £16,010 per year and could be having children who are 16 years and younger.

As a potential applicant and you have filled the above criteria you should also know a few things about the ECO free gas boiler program:

Funding is limited: there is not enough money to provide free gas boilers for every low-income house hold in the UK, you would need to apply early and to be considered. The grants are available for a limited only, and as the money would eventually run out, then you should be one of the first people to apply for one. You should do it early as well to avoid the harsh winters.

If you currently receive Universal Credit, you would be one of the fore runners who are eligible for the grant. You should note that you must have earned £1,250 or less in a month in the last 12 months.

The income limit was raised from £15,860 to £16,010. In the past, the people who were eligible had to have an annual income of £15,860 or less but the government raised it to £16,010. Although this depends on if you have been receiving Child Tax Credits or Working Tax Credits. The annual income could be raised in the coming years but for 2015 the maximum is £16,010.

The free boiler is not a scam. This is a government-backed program that works with all the major gas suppliers in the UK. Everyone in the UK pays for this program as part of the Green Tax, and the government has been very responsible trying to help those who most vulnerable and people who have a low-income household. There are no fees involved attached in getting the free gas boilers and if you are asked by anyone for any fee then it is not part of the grant.

The free gas boiler grant scheme is important as it helps people save their energy costs by having a more efficient gas boiler and at the same time it reduces the carbon footprint of the country in general.

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