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Biomass boilers are an effective form of heat used to replace the traditional methods. Not only do they burn green products, they will also help lower your energy bills. Biomass boilers are equally as easy to set up in homes as other sources of heat, and local councils are now opting for this sort of heating system for new homes. Additionally, biomass boilers are an efficient way for the government to fullfill renewable targets. 


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What is a biomass boiler ?  Things you need to know

  • Biomass boilers are notorious for their energy efficiency and may be used for both your central heating and hot water supply.
  • These types of boiler systems are advantageous because they burn renewable fuels, such as wood pellets, wood chip, and crops.
  • With biomass boilers you’ll have the capacity to reduce the detrimental effects of global-warming. Other renewable products that have the same effect are heat pumps and solar panels.
  • These sustainable central heating systems may be set up in almost every home and in most cases will fit into precisely the same location as your old appliance. Industrial and commercial biomass boilers will require bigger installations and are designed to give a much greater heat output.
  • With the burning of biomass goods, ashes will probably be created.

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Suitability of a biomass boiler system

  • A biomass boiler won’t be appropriate for everyone, so if you’re contemplating an installation you ought to consult an expert and be sure it’s right for your home.
  • Above all, you will need a large area in which to store the fuel supply. Whether it’s wood pellets or crops, you’ll need to hold the biomass products somewhere.
  • Building regulations could eventually be a problem in your area, so it is therefore important for you to speak to the council or a local planning officer.
  • No smoking zones also prohibit the usage of biomass boilers, and for more info on this visit
  • The flue, which is used to release waste gases into the atmosphere, must also not exceed one metre of your roofline. Otherwise planning permission would be needed. This is the same for domestic biomass boilers in conservation areas or World Heritage Sites

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Biomass boiler installation quotes

In case you’re interested in slashing your energy bills and utilising a renewable type of heat, why not apply for three FREE quotes and find out about  the cost involved in a biomass boiler installation ? You’ll hear from vetted and reputable biomass boiler installers, in order to compare biomass boiler installation quotes and determine if an installation is suitable for you.

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