boiler repairBelfast is a very nice place to stay, but one of the major things that can turn a pleasant stay into a very, very bad one is a malfunctioning boiler. Gas boiler service in Belfast is a very important service that you must have a modicum of understanding, if you are to ensure that your home remains comfortable and well warmed all thought the winter and whenever else there is a chill in the air.

When to Start Thinking About Replacing Your Boiler

The decision to order for Belfast boiler service, Belfast boiler repair, or a Belfast new boiler installation should be after you have noticed a significant drop in the efficiency and effectiveness of your boiler. You should also think about a replacement seriously if you notice signs of rust or leakage, as well as a size mismatch between the boiler and your house.

Types of Boilers

Before you call to tell a Belfast boiler service or Belfast boiler repair technician “come fix my boiler Belfast”, you should be able to at least, have ascertained the type of boiler it is and the condition that it is in. Boilers, like all other pieces of machinery, have a limited lifespan, with some parts able to continue working for decades without any issues, and with others only able to last a few years, only to pack up after a few years, even after repeated visits by the boiler repair serviceman. The various types of boilers are:

Gas Boilers

These boilers function by being powered by gas of the type that is connected to the house from the mains in the street. A gas boiler is required to remain on in order to ensure that the flow of heat throughout the house is kept up. This is done by maintaining the combustion that heats the water up, thereby releasing hot air that will then be spread around the house by a radiator.

Gas boiler installation Belfast is usually done after the position of the boiler has been mapped out and plans put in place to connect the boiler to the gas mains, so as to be sure that there will be a constant supply of gas for the continuous operation of the boiler.

Oil Boilers

Oil boilers work in a way that is very similar to gas boilers, with the major difference being that as opposed to gas being used to heat up water and radiate the steam throughout the house, oil is ignited and burnt in order to spread the hot air that is formed around the house via ducts.

Oil boilers are quite popular, and can be found in many homes, but nevertheless, they are somewhat expensive to maintain due to the fact that it is necessary to purchase oil for the boiler on a regular basis.

boiler repairElectric Boilers

Electric boilers are sometimes the result of the replacement of the bottom burner in other types of boilers. They are powered by electricity, which is more efficient and loses much less energy during operation than other types of boilers. Often, the electric boilers will have pressure relief valves and drain valves that can be used to increase the efficiency of the boiler and the effect it has on the comfort level of the house. Overall, electric boilers are considered very clean and safe, especially because they do not make use of deadly gases that could spread out into the environment.

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are the result of a marriage of a normal water boiler and a central heating boiler, in an effort to achieve the best of both worlds by maximizing the benefits to be had from using either one. Combi boilers are able to use the normal cold water that comes from the water mains in the house, heat it up and spread the resulting warm air around the house, while at the same time making hot water available in for showers, dish washing or any other thing for which it could be needed.

Combi boilers also have an energy-saving feature of being able to create more heat by utilizing the gas that is released through the chimney of the house.

boiler repairHow to Find a Local Contractor

When you have decided to employ the services of a Belfast gas boiler service, Belfast gas boiler repair, or Belfast gas boiler installation technician, the best place to look is on You will find a wide variety of boiler professionals there.

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