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Bathrooms are really an important part of our homes and an area where you need to manage to relax. But, a standard issue in many properties is the fact that the toilet is located in a little space. For these houses, a bathroom design and install plan is necessary and may require the design guidance of professionals bathroom fiiters, who’ll eventually be able to furnish the components and install the new bathroom. This will allow you to transform the space into somewhere enjoyable and functional.


Whether you intend on using the exact same space as before, or opening your bathroom with an extension, a professional will be able to make the most of what there was available. Windows, doors, and walls can always be moved and also the inspiration of specialists is frequently required.

What to anticipate with a bathroom design and install

Whenever you decide to really have a professional bathroom installer to take care of the design of your new bathroom, everything is going to be taken into consideration. Including how bright, light, airy, and comfy the new space will undoubtedly be. After all, you want something that will not just be purposeful, but useful and relaxing too.

Bathroom Maintenance

Your own bathroom can easily get out of hand, making maintenance a must for all dwellings. En-suites have to be stylish and storage is a priority, both contributing to the overall layout and design of the whole space.

Services, windows, and doors

These are all a critical part of any bathroom but can certainly be moved to get the most from space accessible. Windows should be properly used to make the most of natural light, whilst solutions are significant for the shower installation, bath, toilet, and sink.

Finishing touches

This may be anything from the faucets and towel bars, to the dispensers and mirrors. These final touches will have an overall say in the elegance and attractiveness of your own room.

Where Does Your Money Go for a Bathroom Remodel?

Per square foot, no room in the house takes more work or costs more money to remodel than the bathroom. The combination of plumbing, moisture content, electrical wiring, and decorating schemes packed into the smallest residential spaces create unique demands on bathroom remodeling. Yet, these same demands also place unmatched value on bathroom spaces, whether in terms of day-to-day living or home property values. To get an insider’s perspective on where your dollars go for a bathroom remodel, ServiceMagic, leading online resource connecting homeowner to home improvement contractors, talked to one of its highest-rated remodeling contractors, Robert Kalmin of RJK Construction.

Finished Products vs. Labor and Expenses

Like a kitchen remodel, there will be substantial costs in finished products from flooring, bathtubs, shower surrounds, cabinets, countertops, and numerous bathroom fixtures. These products, however, don’t typically have the same price tags as major kitchen appliances and full cabinet and countertop installations. Plus, bathroom remodeling is a more labor-intensive process between tearing out old bathroom amenities and tedious tile and plumbing installation. In Kalmin’s experience, “60-70 percent of bathroom remodel costs are labor and expenses and about 30-40 percent is finished product.” Of course, this cost breakdown indicates only an estimated average, as the cost breakdown of specific projects can vary quite a bit.

Difference Makers: Plumbing, Bathroom Design, and Tile

Undoubtedly, the biggest difference maker is plumbing and bathroom design. Already one of the costliest and involved subcontractors for bathroom remodeling, if a homeowner wishes to relocate a toilet, sink, or bathtub within the bathroom, extensive plumbing installation will be required, causing a substantial spike in the cost of labor and expenses. In fact, if you’re set on relocating your bathroom plumbing, not only will you need a substantially larger budget, but you’ll need more contingency room in your budget, as any number of obstacles can arise once the walls are torn out.

Another reason bathroom remodeling costs tend to skew toward labor and expenses is the prevalence of bathroom flooring and shower tile. “We call people who install tile ‘mechanics,’” Kalmin explains. “It’s tedious to get the spacing right and everything flush. If I see any twisting in the tile, I make them rip it out and do it again.” Even the size of the tile will play a role in the cost breakdown of your new bathroom floor. Smaller tiles may cost less from the manufacturer but will require more labor to install.

Bathroom design and install quotes

Using a professional bathroom fitter you’ll have the ability to have your bathroom specially designed to satisfy your needs and improve the appeal. In the event that you’re interested in obtaining up to three FREE quotes from vetted and trustworthy local bathroom designers/fitters in our network, simply get in touch.

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