7 tricks to kick-start your basement conversion

Basement conversion in your Belfast home can be a tricky process, but will provide you with that valuable space you crave.

Here are some simple design tips to basement conversion in your Belfast home:

  • The first thing that you need to do when designing the new basement conversion in your Belfast home is to consider the condition of the basement conversionbasement itself. It is especially important to make sure the basement is free of damp and mould – for this it might be a good idea to get a professional  to survey the place for mould and such before basement conversion in Belfast.
  • Read through the building codes that apply to your Belfast home before designing and putting your plans into action. General basement conversion guidelines include details on ceiling height, escape access through windows and use of the room. If the basement will become an updated laundry room or perhaps a space used for a hobby, then having an escape window may not be crucial (although it is always a good idea).
  • Once the basement area is adequately protected from moisture, you should consider the size of the basement and what you want to achieve from your Belfast home basement conversion.
  • Lay tracing paper over the footprint of the existing basement in its current state. Locate where the new room can be suitably placed within that footprint that will meet local Belfast codes and your basement conversion needs.
  • Draft the shape of that room showing how the room is accessed (it may need a hallway to the staircase) and reflecting any other needs the new room may have. The basement conversion should be planned from the staircase all the way into the room.
  • Call in a professional electrician based in Belfast to help sort out new lighting. Basements are predominantly very dark areas so lighting is an important redesign aspect. If there isn’t a source of natural lighting then the most cost effective way of lighting the basement conversion in your Belfast home is through standard lamps and other light fittings.
  • As you are completing the basement conversion, add some wall art, such as paintings of nature or a metal wall trees to bring a warm, organic
    feeling to your walls. Add sunburst design mirrors; or your favourite prints, for example.

These simple 7 tips will kick-start you on your way into making the most of the basement conversion in your Belfast home. Make sure to contact a Belfast based professional who will be able to help you plan and design your new basement. Planning ahead is the key to getting the best out of the basement conversion thereby you can get much out of that underrated space.

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