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Many people fear that most old buildings have some asbestos in them. Exposure to asbestos have some health implications. Considering the health implication of asbestos present in the buildings, organizations and individuals conduct a survey on the building that they occupy, to find out possible sites where asbestos may still be present or exposed, and to provide the means of removal. This is often done if the building is an old one. Therefore, if you think that your home or business may still have asbestos somewhere, then you need to speak with an asbestos surveyor.


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Getting rid of asbestos in a building is a task that should be reserved for experts alone. When you feel that there is a need to do an asbestos survey, don’t hesitate to invite them in your home or business space to investigate.

Health Implications of Asbestos

A house that is contaminated with asbestos could have health implications on its inhabitants. Prolonged asbestos inhalation can cause serious health conditions such as; respiratory problems, lung cancer, allergies, asthma and even eye irritation.

Asbestos Prevention – Hire A Surveyor

The first step in dealing with asbestos is to have an surveyor to go round your property to check for areas that it is more likely to be contaminated by asbestos. The specialist will walk slowly round the premises to get a good understanding of where to check and how to deal with any potential issues. Once the building inspection is completed, the surveyor provides a detailed report of the high-risk asbestos areas and what must be done to avoid any future implications.

Why Is Asbestos Survey Important

An asbestos survey is very important as it enables the specialist to understand the extent of the risk posed by the presence of the asbestos. Whatever the case is, the asbestos surveyor would let you know the best thing to do. It is vital that the surveyor with the necessary experience and credentials is hired for the job.

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