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Air source heat pumps take advantage of the natural, environmentally friendly energy supply and enable you to reduce household bills and cut dwelling carbon emissions. Heat is pulled from the outdoor atmosphere and fed through to your own central heating and hot water supply. Heat could be pulled from temperatures down to -15deg C, so they’re acceptable all year-round and also be in the depths of winter. If you are interesting in locating a professional installer able to handle your project, get in touch now!


More about heat pumps

Air source heat pump advantages

  • – Air source heat pumps possess the capacity to generate over 70% of your house’s warming demands
  • – Get a fixed income together with the Renewable Heat Bonus when heat pumps are included with the scheme.
  • – The Government is set to contain heat pumps in 2013, with an anticipated speed around 8.5p/unit producing GBP850 income per annum.
  • – Cut your house’s carbon footprint and help the ecosystem with global warming issues.
  • As fit and forget technologies gain from low care and air heat pumps are known
  • It is also very unlikely you’ll need air source heat pump planning permission.

Are air heat pumps appropriate for my house?

Air source heat pumps are appropriate for most homes, but you need to take a look at the checklist below to discover if they’re appropriate for your conditions.

Is there someplace appropriate the heat pump can be fitted?

The unit, similar in dimensions to a radiator will need to be set up on the outside wall of your house. It’ll need a great air supply plus a bright wall would be perfect.

Perhaps you have really got a house?

It would appear needless to invest in a sustainable source, just for heat to be escaping your property with ineffective windows or insulation. With double glazing, attic lagging or wall cavity insulation you’ll be able to slash your bills even more.


Installing a typical system costs around GBP6,000 to GBP10,000. Running costs will vary depending on several factors – including the size of your residence, and how well insulated it really is, and what room temperatures you are aiming for.


In the event that you possess the chance, underfloor heating can be more efficient than radiators since the water doesn’t have to be so hot. If underfloor heating isn’t possible, make use of the biggest radiators it is possible to. Your installer should have the ability to advise with this.

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Your fuel prices

As it’s powered by electricity, you’ll still must pay fuel bills with a heat pump, but you’ll save well on the fuel you’re replacing. You’re prone to create a saving if the fuel you’re replacing is expensive. Your old heating system In case your old heating system was ineffective, you’re prone to find lower running costs with a brand new heat pump. If the heat pump is providing hot water then this could restrict the general efficacy. You may need to think about solar water heating to supply hot water in the summertime and help in keeping your heat pump efficiency up.

Utilizing the controls

Learn the way to manage the machine to help you obtain probably the most from it. Your installer should clarify to you the way to manage the machine in order to use it most efficiently.

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