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One of the best ways to ensure your health and comfort during the summer months is with the right air conditioning. Aircon specialists can help you choose the right air conditioning system for your home or office so you won’t have to dread a summer heat wave. Through our wide network of professional installers you can locate easily the best and most affordable air conditioning Installation companies and contractors in the UK for your commercial or residential installation.

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Health Benefits of Air Conditioning

Many times, people only think of air conditioning unit as being something that makes life easier. The truth is that it also provides a number of health benefits as well. People with heart or lung disorders can benefit a great deal from having an efficient air conditioning system. That’s because exposure to the heat could increase their risk of heart attack or make it difficult to breathe.  Allergy sufferers can benefit from air conditioning systems because dry air tends to increase the number of flare-ups. The risk of heat stroke greatly increases when indoor air temperatures are too high, and a building that is too warm can make sleep difficult, resulting in a lack of energy among occupants.

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Benefits to your Business

If you’re a business owner, the benefits of a commercial air conditioning unit can’t be stressed enough. People will be less likely to patronize your establishment if the indoor temperature isn’t kept at a comfortable level.  Your employees can also have difficulty performing their daily routines if they are uncomfortable. This can result in lower productivity and a reduction in the quality of work. Workers could also be more likely to become sick when there is poor indoor air quality. When all these things are considered, it makes sense to ensure that air conditioning units are working properly in your commercial establishment.

Things to Consider when Choosing An Air Conditioning Unit

There are a number of air conditioning systems on the market, so knowing which one to choose can sometimes be overwhelming.  Quite a bit of difference can be found from one manufacturer to the next in terms of quality. Generally speaking, you should buy the best system you can afford because it will typically last longer and require fewer repairs. Aside from the quality of the unit, some other things to think about when choosing air con are:

  • The efficiency rating of the equipment-a higher number means greater energy savings
  • Type of warranty that’s available
  • Size needed, and this is figured by performing a load calculation using the measurements of your structure
  • Whether or not the unit will also help control humidity, especially in areas where a great deal of moisture accumulates
  • If the air conditioning unit can also act as a heat pump during the winter. With only one system required to be installed, such item is the perfect choice for new buildings.
  • The ability of the unit to filter allergens and dust particles from indoor air
  • Availability of parts should repairs become needed
  • How much noise the equipment makes when operating
  • Type of routine maintenance required to keep it in peak working condition

Air Conditioning Costs

Air con units vary in cost based upon their efficiency rating and size. Commercial air conditioning units are typically more expensive than those designed for residential use. The quality of the system can also play a role in the overall cost. It’s possible air conditioning installation can be more expensive if existing duct work is not in place or needs to be revamped. Upgrading an existent electrical system with an air condition unit will cost more, if the building doesn’t have already equipped. Add more costs like building layout structure and local building codes as these will have impact on the total paid amount.

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