Learn why you must have your own air conditioning unit consistently serviced and just how much maintenance checks price.

For those who have an air conditioning unit, you’ll understand how advantageous it could be on a boiling hot day. Nevertheless, after installed your air-con system will need regular care to ensure it meets government recommendations and runs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Therefore here’s why you ought to schedule routine maintenance checks for your own air conditioning system:

To stop escapes – all air conditioning units use refrigerants, which may be damaging to the surroundings if leaked in to the atmosphere. Maintenance checks pick up on any escapes and minimise the chance of just one occurring.

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So that your guarantee isn’t invalidated – many air conditioning manufacturers provide a method guarantee, as is common with the majority of goods. Nevertheless these warranties frequently come with conditions, as Nicki clarifies: “Most companies provide a guarantee but this is sometimes invalidated if you don’t run routine maintenance checks.”

“A maintenance engineer will be certain the machine is running smoothly,” says Nicki, “if it’s a really dusty surroundings then filter can get readily blocked and cause difficulties.”

To improve longevity – consistently keeping your air conditioning implies that any difficulties could be prevented and seen in advance or caught as soon as possible. This could increase the longevity of the air con system because it runs more easily as no additional strain is placed on any components.

How much air con maintenance cost?

The cost of air conditioning maintenance depends on the type and size of your own system. For instance, big, centralised office air con will cost more to keep a household separate air conditioning system. Once the machine is first installed the maker or air-con installer might provide a deal to the cost of routine maintenance checks.

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