Slate is a durable, long lasting roofing material – find out more about the benefits of slate roofing here.

In case your slate roof is damaged or leaking, perhaps you’ll notice that replacing roof slates resolves the problem. You’ll notice that roof slate cost is more expensive than other roofing materials; however, since they’re extremely hard-wearing and long lasting, they will probably outlast alternatives such as clay tiles.

Roofing Slates Prices

roof slate pricesRoofing slate costs differs according to the type of slate you choose; some are superior quality than others. For instance, imported slate roofing from Spain is more expensive. Synthetic slate roof tiles prices or second generation tiles, manufactured from a mix of different slates are more affordable options; slate bought in bulk can also save a few bucks in the long run.

Welsh Roofing Slate Prices

Welsh roof tiles are favorite option are of good quality and are exceptional strong. That is why it is more expensive than all other types of slate. For instance, Welsh roof tiles price survey from BSO roofing Supplies Online shows it cost as much as £5.30 per tile, including VAT.

To calculate the cost of slate roof, here are some prices to consider:

If you are not interested in the ‘new-look’ tiles commonly offered by contractors, you can order for specially-manufactured ‘weathered’ slate tiles, for a more authentic look for your home. Whatever your choice is, always remember that roof tiles are best installed by a professional roofer.

 Windsor slate in measurements (inches) Price per tile (£) Price per m²
 16×8 0.65 £19.37
 16×10 0.79 £19.08
 18×10 1.00 £20.67
 20×10 1.15 £20.97
 24×12 1.69 £20.80


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