5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Move Easier

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The kitchen is probably going to be the room that is going to take the longest to pack. You might begin packing the things that you don’t need in the kitchen for the last month of living in the house including the ice-cream maker and the kitchen-move-tipsnoodles maker, but you are not really done until you have packed away the china after the last of the farewell dinners and put away some plates and cutlery in the essentials box to use on your first night in the new house. Not only is packing the kitchen an ongoing process when moving house, it also has a number of items of various size and weight which pose their own challenges when it comes to packing and moving, especially if you are not using professional movers. We have given you a moving checklist here which will help you wrap your kitchen methodically and in a most efficient manner.

Different sizes and weights of your kitchen items

kitchen-moveSince almost all your kitchen appliances and equipments are going to be made of different materials and vary in size, shape and weight, you will need boxes of different sizes to fit in everything. Ideally, double walled boxes will serve better because they are going to be strong enough to carry the bulky and fragile items. You can also use light weight boxes or the plastic crates that some removal companies provide to pack more durable articles such as racks, plastic ware, baking trays, colanders etc.  Keep a lot of bubble wrap and tissue paper ready to pad the breakable items when you pack. Make sure the sharp edges are covered so that no one cuts themselves when unpacking or moving.

De-clutter your kitchen

As it goes for the rest of the house, organizing your removal is an ideal time to relieve your kitchen of the things that you no longer use or need and minimize the stuff that you carry to your new kitchen. This means throwing away the old cutting board and those old plastic containers and going for the more health friendly glass and wooden kitchenware. If you are very conscious of the way your kitchen looks, you might have some tough decisions to make. Your bright yellow fridge is obviously not going to look good in your all brown new kitchen so why not sell it off on eBay or Gumtree and put the money you get into buying a new, update fridge that matches the décor and is more functional. You can either sell your kitchen stuff online or give them away to charity or friends and families who can put them to some use. For example, blunt knives are of no use for cutting veggies but they make great palette knives.

Finish the perishables

There is no way you can decide to transport perishable food, it is likely to thaw and spoil during the transit and moving with a full fridge or freezer can damage your appliances. The last thing you want to do is to have to clean out foul smells from your fridge or throw away food that you took the trouble of carrying forward. If you and your family cannot eat all the perishables by moving day, feel free to share it with friends, family and neighbours or give them away.

Spillable liquids

When packing liquids that can spill, such as oils, vinegars and sauces, put a thin film of plastic cellophane over the mouth of the bottle or jar and screw the cap on tight over it. Put these items in plastic bags and seal them securely. Double bag these articles before you put them inside a box and transport these boxes upright as far as possible.

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