We strongly believe it is not how much room you have that decides how economically and easily you dwell; but instead how you style and arrange that space. We have seen so many tiny spaces that have more storage than homes three times their size! The key is using all the filler, or empty, spaces available— the gaps beneath the floor boards, the crawl space underneath the stairs. Here are a few of our favorite secret storage ideas:

“Now you observe that, today you don’t…”


1 Store your clothes under the bed and even under the floorboards.
2 Matthew McGregor-Mento’s home is an ode to ingenious small space storage ideas, like this rolling clothes closet.
3 This may be the best thing ever. A twist on the Murphy bed, the French company BedUp creates beds that lower from the ceiling.
4 This Small Cool 2008 finalist put his tiny fridge within a tall kitchen cabinet.
5 Small bathrooms are a pain. Get a little more space with this rolling bathroom sink. Just push it back in the wall when you need a little more space!


6 No extra room for an office? No problem. Turn a closet into an office.
7 You think it’s just a shelf for cookbooks, but then it pulls out and it’s a spice rack as well!
8 Matthew McGregor-Mento folds his bed away every morning to make room in his living room for his wife’s massage practice.
9 “A place for everything and everything in its place” is the mantra of this small kitchen sink area.
10 Stairs-turned-storage drawers is a brilliant idea.


11 You’d be amazed at how much wasted space lies underneath a staircase. Make the most of it with these pull-out closets.
12 This storage headboard features hinged upholstered panels to allow for hidden storage behind the tufting.
13 Not so much underbed storage as within the bed storage.
14 You can’t really hide it away, but you might not know it’s there unless you look up!
15 Under cabinet pull-out options for things like trash cans can save you precious floor space.

Originally published: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/10-secret-storage-ideas-for-sm-113238

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